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Thread: First Buck outings

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    First Buck outings

    Been a member on here for a couple of years, generally don't post, but i enjoy this section, so decided to contribute.

    I decided on Saturday afternoon when the sun arrived that I would go and have a look around one of my farms for the first Buck of the year. I took my last doe about three weeks ago and put a high seat up two weeks ago, but had not been on much for the last two months. It is all arable with a few spinneys, and the deer come on from moorland/clear fell plantations. I have only had this ground from Augsut last year, it's very productive.

    Anyway back to Sat, the wind was strong and in the wrong direction for the ground, so decided to stalk the boundry around seven very large fields where I have shot most of the deer, and then settle in to the highseat for the last hour. The boundry walk proved very informative seeing a total of 7 bucks and 11 does and three others unable to sex, 4 mature bucks.

    The high seat hour was very interesting saw two mature bucks, very flighty with the strong wind and one buck with a broken leg, (have seen him before) he has deterierated since I last saw him, unfortunately no shot. Decided to come back in the morning, kicking myself have not been hard enough on the does!

    Suday morning, arrive at first light, immedietly saw two does, decided on the high seat which gives a good view of all the distant fields, and wait for anything coming off, on to the seat, Doe out front, look to the left, 8 in one grass field about 750m away, good, I'll have a go at them, off the seat, wind favourable, start to stalk round, blimey spy another 4 in another field, two of the Bucks I recognise from last night, low stalk round, deer grazing happily, belly on to the moorland for about 50m which gives me about 4m of height, perfect safe shot. Glass the bucks, two good bodied animals the one in rear I feel is going back from hios haed and his conformation is not so strong, choose him wait for a broadside and bang, down he goes the three others bolt immediately straight for me didn't stop passed with 20m of me prone.

    Buck down , dead, good shot, clipped heart and lung, gralloched in jig time. Nice old boy , 6 points 4 on one antler (1 broken) and 2 on the other 160m about max range for me. I am pleased to have to taken him. The 8 in other field had bolted and no signs of broken leg buck, who I want to put out of his pain ASAP. Larder weight 38lb, looks to be I guess +6years old.

    First for the season, pleased with the outcome.



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    Any pictures of the 'nice old boy', sounds a good morning.


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    Well done Hammy, sounds a very productive area, congrats and keep up the good work for the rest of the season! Would also love to see some piccies if you have any??

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    Excellent wright up hammy,isnt it just something to see a lot of deer about.sounds like a good safe bit to shot in you lucky man.hope you keep us posted on getting broken leg

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    Sorry, I have a picture, taken with new camera, it's amssive 5 meg and dunno how to reduce or post, I'll work on that.

    Interestingly, butchered the beast tonight and the shot placement as mentioned was good, it took rib 5 on entry and rib 5 on exit but exited the flesh on exit side thigh some 7-8 inches from rib, never seen such a square 90degree deflection. I shoot 22-250 0n Roe.

    The ground is actually quite flat and very tricky, patience and strong willed is needed to wait for safe shots, makes the approach all the more challenging.


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    I only put it up a fortnight ago, I really prefer to be on the stalk, high seats bore me, but I understand the nececesity at times, however this one I am sure shall be very productive, as it is set up on a major thoroughfare. And next to about 30 acres of heathery moorland which is popular also but not in a wind as it sits higher than the farmland and thus exposed. It's a great vantage for the 6 or 7 arable fields that are the pull for the deer.

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    Is it a wooden one .or metalmetal ones grow legs and walk.are your bucks out of velvet mate

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    It's an old Arley steel high seat, got it for 60quid from a mate who cleared an old ladies garage for her, great design all be it heavy, built to last, I don't think they are made any more, rubbed down and repainted, I have it chained, I also have a panther lean to with the cub extension, it is on fox duty at the mo, started lambing on the farm next to where I live and a big dog fox has been giving me the run around since January, probably sit out this week a couple of nights. Only the yeartlings are still in velvet.

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    You need to chain down seats as they do walk.have you any medals on ground.foxes are sly creatures patience will pay off im sure mate

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