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Thread: Roe and Muntjac stalking in Gloucestershire

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    Roe and Muntjac stalking in Gloucestershire

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    Hello Redcoat can you pm me some details please


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    I went out this morning with Redcoat. Some lovely ground and enjoyable challenging stalking. End result was a nice cull roe buck; my first roe buck this season.

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    Cheers Abu, A challenging downhill shot, perfect heart shot,what more could I ask for! Sako + 308 mmmn! I want one.

    Regards Redcoat

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    New to stalking although I have been shooting for 30 odd years and run a local 1200 acre driven shoot I'm looking for some one to show me the ropes. PM me if you can help with your contact details.



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    We arrived at Nicks place an hour before we were due and got a little nap before the arrival of our host.

    At 05:15 hrs Nick arrived and took us to a woodland, I set off down a winding track and within 30 yards saw my first deer of the day a Roe doe. A little further a second pregnant doe wandered casually out in front of me slowly walking toward me oblivous to my prescence until she got within 30 yards of me when she stopped dead before taking off like a jet fighter barking her head off as she went. I reached the bottom of the hill and saw my third Roe doe who walked across the ride from right to left gently browsing as she went before she to slowly dissappeared back into cover.

    I noticed that the pheasants were making a right racket off to my right, so I decided to lie down on the edge of the path overlooking a dip in the pathway and see what happened. A few minutes past and another pregnant Roe wandered out, she then stopped in the middle of the path, ears erect, head up scenting the wind, she stood still for at least 3 or 4 minutes she knew something was wrong but couldnt work out what it was, she then started to make off and as she rose to my level bounded off into the woods. Some minutes went by and three more roe does came out of the woods one after the other all of which seemed unconcerned and they to walked gently across the path back into cover.

    I made my way back up the track to rendevous with my pal and Nick, Nick had been away for the brewing gear and brought back bacon butties made by his wife all of which were very welcome. My mate had seen one Roe again a doe so it was decided to go on to another wood and see if our luck improved.

    I didnt see anything at all, where as my pal Aubrey caught sight of a very fast moving Muntjac heading off into dense cover, we walked through that wood and then onto another wood where we saw two more Roe deer a Buck and a Doe before turning a corner in the path and in front of us was Nicks house where the hunt ended with a hot beverage and egg butties.

    We had been out and walked for twelve hours, seen plenty of deer and enjoyed a very pleasant day in the countryside with a very generous host, if you were guaranteed a shot everytime you went out stalking it would be boring, I would reccomend the experience to anyone.

    Thanks for your hospitality Nick and thank your wife for the bacon butties, doubtless we will see you again soon.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgy View Post
    We had been out and walked for twelve hours,

    Is this the same guy who comes with me??
    Only joking mate.
    Sounds like you had a great day.

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    Hi John,

    Even with all that training from you and Colin, I was knackered, I got back home about 19:45 got in bed and didnt move until 09:05 on Saturday morning!



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    Are you training for the big billies on other side of the hill pal

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    That must be it Colin

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