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Thread: Blaser R93 .243 - exceptional woodwork (virtually brand new)

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    Blaser R93 .243 - exceptional woodwork (virtually brand new)

    Hi guys

    I have for sale a Blaser R93 in .243. It is the black actioned version with beautiful grade 6 (grand lux) oil-finished wood. It looks stunning with really good figuring (I went up to Open Season and selected the wood myself). It is factory screw-cut with a neat screw protector cap.

    I bought this rifle in July 2010 brand new. It has only fired approximately 40 rounds. You won't be surprised to hear that it cost me well over 3000 and they haven't got any cheaper since then!

    For a quick sale, I'll accept 2000. Delivery to your RFD is no problem and if it's face to face, I'll give you whatever rounds I have left over (sorry, very difficult to get an RFD to send them to you by courier).

    This is a wonderful rifle and very accurate even with factory loads.

    And yes, I have listed this item before but decided not to sell at that point. I now need the funds for a new project and thought it would be easier to re-list rather than reopen that thread.

    Any questions, please let me know.

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    Hi do you still have this rifle? If you have please let me know its condition now and the latest price.

    many Thanks


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    Another initial poster who is in the I want club, can manage to read the classifieds but not the instructions when signing on.


    Quote Originally Posted by bryan_lloyd View Post
    Hi do you still have this rifle? If you have please let me know its condition now and the latest price.

    many Thanks

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    I would be very surprised if this is still for 'sale' I have highlighted the word sale as at this price it is a giveaway.

    EMcC - a very satisfied Blaser R93 owner

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    Its in my cabinet :-) sorry!!!

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