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Thread: Is DSC1 now mandatory?

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    Is DSC1 now mandatory?

    In some areas anyway!

    From some of the threads in the 'Legal Issues' section of the forum it appears that some police FLDs are now insisting that DSC1 is achieved before they will grant an FAC. There's even one applicant who has been informed that they, (Gwent?), are willing to grant if DSC1 is booked, but the certificate will be revoked if it isn't taken!

    Is this a sign of DSC1 being made mandatory by the back door? Even BASC are being quoted as advising an applicant, "the CC is within his right so if you want to shoot deer you will have to take your DSC."

    Anybody else received this kind of 'advice' or been forced into DSC1 before the grant of a cert?

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    Exactly the opposite. I told my FAC Dept that i wanted a deer stalking rifle (having had a shotgun cert for 20 plus years). I had to produce permission for land to shoot over with the formal application and it was granted without any problems.

    To raise the old topic, it just seems that Basc etc have an interest in having DSC1 mandatory, either by the front or back door.


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    I suppose its become like a driving licence?

    you need a mentor to sit with you, or a test to say you are safe,

    I know a few locals, I would never have given a FAC to,

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    I know a few locals, I would never have given a FAC to,
    I know a few I wouldn't even have given an air rifle to, never mind a SGC or FAC...

    I hate to say it, I have no issue with people being required to prove they are a safe gun handler and can take safe shots before being granted anything that launches a lethal projectile... it's in no one's interest to have the place over run with fools with guns!

    I know there's a cost issue, and if there was a firearms proficiency test (when I was in the cadets (cira. 1987) they made me do one before I could fire live rounds) for the price of a driving test perhaps that would be better than enforcing DSC 1 which just lines the back pocket of BASC et al... I did my DSC 1 before I shot a deer and I'm glad I did... anyway... I best run for cover...

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    I come under Gwent FEO i have my FAC .243 but the FEO wont put Deer on there untill i have done a paid Stalk and given him evidence of this ! All i have on it at the moment is Fox. I do have a 17 HMR witch is open !!!! for vermin. I am hopeing to go at the end of May with a friend ( Teckel ) so fingers crossed it will then have Deer on there...



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    i will be doing my dsc late this year i am lucky in that i am ex infantry so rifle safety was trained in to you so can see the sense in some form of safety issue

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    No its not, dont let your firearms dept put silly conditions on you.

    You just need to know how to push the right buttons with these people and put them inbetween a rock and a hard place keep on at them in a constructive manner and as long as your reqeust is safe and you have GOOD REASON and a NEED you will win in the end.

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    No its not but my force have put all the FEOs through DSC1 why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dekit View Post
    i have my FAC .243 but the FEO wont put Deer on there untill i have done a paid Stalk and given him evidence of this !
    So your FEO is playing what card exactly here? Certainly NOT safety!

    I'm not saying I disagree with what I believe he is getting at (proficiency at humanly dispatching a large animal)... but he has no right to impose that condition!

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    I believe that the DSC 1 is a 4 day course !? In that case there is no chance of me being able to attend as i am self employed and have a young family to look after ! So that would rule me out of the sport ! Shocking if that's the trend !!!

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