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Thread: Stalking boot heights

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    Stalking boot heights

    Would the esteemed members of the forum once more contribute their excellent knowledge and experience.....

    I am wondering about which stalking-boot heights are best for all-round lowland/highland stalking? I know you can get the 21cm Meindl's, the 7.5" like the pro-hunters, the 10" and the tall 12.5" too,,if you don't mind feeding back some information on Benefits/Disadvantagous of different height boots, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    The first thing to resolve is what sort of walking you will do most of. The Muck boot/smart wellington is fine for shuffling through the woods but a long hike on steep slopes needs something to grip your heel and with a decent grip underfoot. The second thing to resolve is how brand conscious you are. There are many people on this site who would not be seen dead without all the right designer kit............. and can wave the receipts to show for it. Anything above 8" is as much fashion as function because you can't beat a good set of gaiters to give you a 'splash' wade capability (just keep moving!) My own (professional) experience is that the Army issue Pro Boot runs pretty close to the Danner Fort Lewis type and at a fraction of the cost. See Pro-Boot Classic 99.99 At a whisker over 100 you can be sure you have put function and finance first and kept your money in the UK. Or, if you prefer a case of Meindl over matter, go for a big brand and the glossy advertising but don't go too long unless kinky boots are your thing. I put the leather country boot in the upmarket welly bracket - great for wet woodland but not a long day on the hill.

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    The higher the better as it allows you to tie/tape/tuck your trousers on/in to keep ticks out in the summer and water out in the winter.
    You can cross shallow streams and deep ones (if you tape your waterproof overtrousers to your boots) plus great in restock sites as you don't get stabbed by brash.

    They won't outlast a good pair of hill walking boots though

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    I have two pairs of high proboots. one was 40 the other 80. The difference is the tongue. The 80 jobs have a leather tongue and great the 40 have a fabric breathable tongue and are dry boots. They take a drink at every puddle. Summer only. Both great walking boots though and not in the price league of the top jobs but how do you justify 300 for a pair of boots for a dozen outings a year. Mind you a 2000 scope on a hobby rifle takes a bit of justification if you knock your deer over at under 150 yards

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    High boots do it for me. short ones leave a gap for water,ticks also give no protection to ankles and shins I find lower shin suffers in heather and briars.

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    I personally prefer a high boot for stalking as you can get through burns ,long grass and boggy ground thats just that bit deep for low or mid height boots.


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    I am also a fan of high boots, never wellies for stalking on rough ground, a chap in one of my old syndicates almost died because he went over on his ankle and broke it while stalking on our block, he had to crawl out and by the time he was found he had hyperthermia.

    High boots allow you to wade though small steams etc never found a disadvantage over shorter boots other than the extra weigh in the boot makes them a little more tiring on a long stalk.



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    I call my wellies "George & Michael" as they get sucked off in a bog.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I call my wellies "George & Michael" as they get sucked off in a bog.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I call my wellies "George & Michael" as they get sucked off in a bog.....

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