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Thread: Clay Pigeon Shooting

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    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Anyone on here know what days Peter Jackson (Jackson Rifles) do there clay busting?

    As all his bleeding clays broken and unbroken and wads are going over my stalking lease.

    And I am a bit concerned of the lead hes pumping over on my lease during his activities.

    Maybe I need to have a word in his shell. I thought you could not discharge a shotgun over someone elses property irrespective it may be a danger to those involved in our lease whilst stalking.

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    He would need permission from the landowner for shot or clay fragments to land on the property.

    If he doesn't have this then it's a legal issue for plod.

    Have a word in an ear 1st.

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    At the local gun club I formed in 1964 we had no problem until a few years ago when our secretary of that time started his own `sporting clays` for his personal profit.
    The brother of our landlady owned the land to the left and in front of one layout.
    I saw him one day in town and he complained that our broken clays were landing on his property. A neighbour also complained of regular shooting during the week when the club was not in action.

    This did not happen with our Ball-trap and DTL shoots but only when BK was running his private sporting shoots.
    I called a committee meeting and he was told to cease his activities immediately but a few days later said neighbour told me he was still at it.

    I called another meeting and we bummed him out of the club, he had paid no subscription for a few years anyway.

    I also arranged to pay the brother 100 per-annum for any scatter he may get.
    Since then I have received no complaints but I ensure that we do not exceed the 28 shooting days rule.


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    Just had a word with Peter Jackson about it, He reckons it hasnt been going on but the evidence is there so hes going having a look

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