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Thread: DMQ Aaaaaargh

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    DMQ Aaaaaargh

    OK, here is a start, but lets see if we can keep this civil and on topic as this subject seems to creep into other topics for no aparent reason.

    I have also set up a poll, so please look at it and vote.

    Many people for whatever reason have chosen to get deer management qualifications. What we have to ask ourselves is, are they required? I for one think they are. At what level they go to is up for a whole range of discussion and rants.

    DSC 1, yes I think it is required to give beginners and some more experienced people the base knowledge of deer required. It also gives good safe practices with rifles and more recently gives you the trained hunter status.

    DSC 2, if you are controlling deer and are only feeding yourself, then no it is not really required. If you are supplying deer into the food chain, then yes I do believe that you should do it to prove that what was learned in DSC 1 can be put into practice in a hygienic fashion.

    Deer managers course, very interesting but not required for the supply of deer into the food chain.

    Should any future courses be developed? I think the driving forces behind these should be careful as the reason for another course would have to be well thought out and hold good weight and ready for critiscism. The development of another course could also dilute the presence and standard of the current qualifications.

    I await and look forward to the replies.


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    Dmq 1 i Believe this is a good test and the base for safe firearm use.What i will say is it is just as dangerous to shoot other animals with firearms eg lamp foxes etc and if they are making this the start level then i feel the safety part of the test and the actual shooting part of the test should become universal .

    dmq 2 If you are eating the meat your self then you should know if its safe . This knowledge has been learned on the first coarse so should not be forced up you .
    I have had four chaps rushing to get lev 2 because if they didn't get it before august this year they were getting kicked off there shooting by the FC . PROOF THAT THIS IS NOT WORKING AND IS BEING FORCED ON US.


    When i sat mine it cost me 36 pounds and i provided the ground not bad now its 90 pounds some inflation

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    I believe that we should have a firearms handling course that should be mandatory prior to the grant of a centrefire rifle. There is a gulf of difference between rimfire and even calibres like .17 rem or .222. Of course the adminsitration of this would be placed, ideally, in the civillian firearms licensing authorities responsibility.

    of course i know this is a contraversial suggestion and many will view it as another burden to remove our rights. however, with rights come responsibilities and this might be a way of making sure some of these were met better.


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    As we have managed all the years with out manditory training, and as we in the UK have a very good safety record, I vote for why change? What problem are we trying to address?

    No matter how good the intentions are for the introduction of such training/testing, the anti's will use it to restrict us further...

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    I did DSC1 last November for my own education , nothing more.
    I was staggered about how much I learned and came away elated when I passed all the tests first go. Hugely beneficial in every way, but as far as being compulsory, I'm not sure.

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    DMQ Aaaaaargh

    You only need a Game Meat Handling certificate for Large Game to put meat into the food chain.
    It's only the Forestry Commission and the likes that insist on Levels 1 & 2 to cover their own backs.
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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    You are absolutely correct, you do only need a meat handling certificate. As far as the DSC 2 goes, I think agencies like FE had input into some of the requirements of the course content.

    I know what you mean with FE forcing the issue through with minimum qualifications, but for those that have FE ground they have known for at leat 18 months that this year was the deadline. For at least 4 years they have harped on about the qualifications, but it is only now that they are starting to enforce.
    What used to annoy me was, they were one of the driving forces behind the qualifications, yet when some members applied for ground, people with no qualifications got the ground prior to a DSC 2 qualified person. At least now they are using a benchmark for their ground.


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    My vote is that Level 1 was, is, and always be a money spinning exercise for the bodies running the courses.

    I along with a cople of friends sat our Level 1 at Comrie over two weekends a few years ago now.

    It was quite apparent that a number of the lectures were there to fill in the time to try and justify holding the course and exam over four days

    For example, a red deer stalker of over 30 years experience asked one of the lecturers just how he was supposed to carry all the recommended equipment up on to the hill with him only to be to be given a shrug of the shoulders.

    The only reason we went on the course was to avoid losing our ground, otherwise it was a complete waste of my time.

    Are the land agents running scared of the compensation based society we appear to be living in?

    Why else are they insisting on qualifications before allowing a quad bike to be used by stalkers, risk assesments and first aid certificates, etc?

    As for Level 2, I am sorry but as far as I'm concerned, the only thing it "proves" is that you stalked and shot the required number of deer, and that you gralloched and inspected them all to a satisfactory standard then correctly answered a number of questions - nothing more.

    In my opinion, it is like siiting your driving test. You will do it a certain way to pass.

    If they make Level 2 compulsory as appears inevitable, then I will have to think long and hard before I sign up for it.


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    One of the chaps is new to stalking jingzy and the other has only been stalking for 3 years and is still learning, the ground is in the borders and i have been told today that one lad has been expelled . He will be let back in when his lev 2 is complete. Now 300 wsm asks were are the hurdles. My god you would need to be a retard not to see that the more you need to do to follow your chosen (hobbies ) the more chance there is of taking an easier path maybe we should all sit back and let be that way all the AW,S AND INTERNAL VERIFIERS COLLEGES AND OTHER BLOOD SUCKING PARRASITES TAKE ALL OUR HARD EARNED CASH IN THE NAME OF PROGRESS .

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    Training and awards show competence, that can influence a landowner (and his insurance company) in letting stalking.

    The police are inventing DSC1 requirements and now supervision clauses, not based on any incidents but solely by administrate means Ė look at the whole raft of conditions they impose that in many cases are already law.

    However, target shooters and deer stalkers stalkers have schemes (DSC1/probationary periods), fox and rimfire shooters donít Ė a firearms handling course based on DSC1 would probably be a useful. But this also apples to shotgun users, who have had BASCís proficiency award scheme for years Ė with minimal take up.

    But isnít training fun, donít you learn something on each course, meet new people. Itís easy to be cynical about the motives of those running courses, far harder to deliver improvements.

    Most of us in our working lives have to keep up-to-date via training, to extend that to our sport is only apply similar standards Ė is anything less acceptable.

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