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Thread: My First Roe Buck 02-04-11

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    My First Roe Buck 02-04-11

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    I had my first morning out after a Roe buck this Saturday.

    I spotted this one with 2 doe's, exciting and awkward because I was at the top of the valley looking through trees. They new I was there but not my exact location. I had them in my sight, but had to wait for a clear shot through the trees. It felt like forever as I had a clear shot at both doe's, but then the Buck moved into a clear position so I took the shot. A neck shot around 120yards, I had a good steady position on a tree so was confident.

    I know he's not a medal but he still looks good, especially to me

    He's in the butchers and will come back oven ready, and I am over the moon

    My first Roe buck under my belt, I was on my own adding to the magic.

    Can this be roughly aged from the photo's ? I looked at it's front teeth and they didn't seem very worn.

    This just gets better and better

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    Excellent, its a great start to your first Buck Season.


    P.s I would guess 3 or 4 years Old.

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    Well done Kelvo73, im hoping to be getting out on my first Roe a bit later on on the season, cant wait.

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    well i cant wait till i can get my first buck hope to get ticket back very soon .he is a beauty bye the way well done

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    nice start to the season well done test of patiance also. they are the worst as many new to stalking get the shakes having to wait .Agree with dalker on age.

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    Nice buck kelvo you must be over the moon.

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    Really well done I remember my first buck with Stone was shaking like a leaf...
    There is a place for all gods creatures in this world, on my plates by the veggies and gravy

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    A very nice buck! I hope there will be many more to come!



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