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Thread: Remington 700 and capt david hunt!

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    Remington 700 and capt david hunt!

    Remington 700 and I got together for a evening/morning pig hunt in the Texas Hill country. I was going cull Axis and pig hunting and he and a friend of his (Nick) from Alaska joined me for a one night stay. Mario, my friend, and I arrived on Friday afternoon and they were to come on Saturday. The weather was hot(95% at 4:30), even for us and windy(20mph and gusting). The same weather held the next day, which didn't help hunting. The first evening I saw 6 axis bucks in various stages of antler developement and several whitetails. They were all 'spooky.' Axis come into antler and beed year round, but the heavest time is usually May. Unfortunately, I misunderstood, and did not shoot a 4pointer, still in heavy velvet, that I could have taken. Of course I never saw him again. That evening, Mario shot a 75-85lb yearling boar. These are feral pigs with some russian blood. We cleaned the pig and after a cupla drinks went to bed about midnight. Up at five to the stands (I learned that you would call them roe boxes) at 6:15. We saw some Whitetails, mario saw some turkeys, but no pigs or axis. Rem 700 and nick arived about noon, we 'chewed the fat' had lunch and went out around 4:30. I might inject here that I had a wonderful time sharing hunting experiences, with good people with very different experiences than mine. Some of these are similar, but I would say that the hunting in the UK is much more 'formal' and regulated than ours. A positive point is that you can hunt year round. That evening I saw several WTs and right at dark three axis came out about 20yds to my left for about 20 seconds they must have sensed something wrong and retreated before I could get my gun up. Mario and Rem 700, saw several deer. Nick on the other hand shot a huge, wild, boar. It weighed 235lbs (on scales) and had very good 'tusks.' I told him it would probably, and did come out late, when he could probably only see it through his scope. Let me add that many '400lbs' pigs are never weighed and actually weigh a lot less than this one. I have hunted pigs, a lot over the last 20years, and have killed around 75. I have only killed one and seen a couple that would weigh 250lbs or more. The next morning we were up early and off again. Everyone saw deer, of course rem saw axis which he wasn't shooting, and I saw no axis. We had to leave early so said our good byes. I wish rem 700 had got a shot, but know that he wasn't too disapointed. As a wise old guide told me once 'If you got something every time you went out, it would be gathering, not hunting!' I'm not much of a photographer, but Rem 700 got lots of pictures and I'm sure that he'll share. capt david

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    This should have been posted on the articles thread, but Idon't know how to move it. capt david

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    good write up
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    Nice to hear youve been looking after Rem he is a cracking chap and I sure he will have had a blast...Ill have to blag tea, biccies and a look at the photos when he is back.

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    Good write up, its always typical you will see what you are not allowed to shoot.

    Just like when the roe bucks come in all you see is does and vice versa!!

    Saw lots of rabbits last night when out foxing, my mate shot 2 foxes, could have had a shot at at least 100 rabbits!!! If you do come down my way when you are in UK I am sure we will have a bag full!!



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    Nick, Capt David & Rem 700
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    Nick, piggy and his bacon buster .270
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    "Give us a Smile" those tusks are razor sharp.
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    Me just enjoying the moment.

    First off, a big thank you to CaptDavid for being so kind as to assist us in gaining some great sport.
    Plenty of deer seen, unfortunately no piggies seen by me. All hunting was from hides like our doe boxes. Funny thing is before you get into these boxes you have to check for snakes (rattle snakes and other nasty ones), luckily for me there were none, however when i closed the door behind me a scorpion crawled up the wall of the box and it went into a small crack towards the roof of the box. I made it a deal, " I wont **** with it, if it doesn't **** with me" and the mutual truse seemed to pay off. Once the temperature dropped to about 70ish i could hear the scorpion walking on top of the metal roof, so quite hard to concentrate when you've got a stinger above you.
    I managed to get some good footage of White tailed deer and a number of Axis deer. I also saw a young turkey known locally as a jake.
    Scott Ranch owner and our hunting guide made us feel very welcome. Accommodation is better than normal with loads of trophy animals located around the walls of the lodge, theres even a rattle snake skin minus head that one hunter took out an outing.
    Food and chatting went on to the late hours and many stories told and questions answered about each others sport.
    Sunday morning we went to the Bass Pro shop its a mecca for shooting and fishing.
    Getting back to camp Nick marinade the meat which we BBQ'd later, our course mates scoffed the lot and washed it all down with local brew.
    A good weekend....

    Rem 700

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