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Thread: training tips?

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    training tips?

    Hi all,

    Ive got a 10 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback that im planning to start training for her good nose (unfortunately there are no lions in the uk for her to hunt), shes already great with the noise of a rifle and isnt fazed by deer etc, loves tucking into the gralloch and pluck etc.

    Ive read various books on how to train them and have a fair idea, just wondering if any one else has any personal tips etc

    Many thanks

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    Make sure you can stop her off the leash and she will come back to you when you call, you may already be on top of this
    also make an effort to take the pluck off her instead of letting her guard it from you , will help when she brings down her first few deer
    you may want to invest in a lightweight coat for protection against the elements, midges and any heavy cover you may encounter as ours hates the rain and getting her feet wet + I'm sure her skin is not tough enough for a good midge attack
    teach her to work on a leash with out pulling to much so you can try and concentrate it's mind a little on the deer you are trying to trail and not on the air scent
    but ours seems to work a cold blood trail with no bother at all, just she wants to at her pace not at mine
    , also to rag and retreive ( mind you the ragging part comes natural)
    but apart from that they seem to work very well and training is not much different , but then it does all depends on your own dogs mental state
    good luck with it all and hope the training goes well

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    thats great thanks very much, only thing thats taking time at the moment is trying to get her to stop pulling as hard on her lead.. shes getting better with age so im hoping it'll go as she gets older etc. lightweight coat is a great idea will invest in one. especially with the midges up here.

    cheers again

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