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Thread: how anal

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    how anal

    So coming to the end of a cannister of powder your thrower gets to the point it doesn't throw properly and you have a new one of the same type, but different batch. What do you do?
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    I normally pour the old batch into the new can and give it a shake to blend it for hunting loads, wouldn't do it if I was loading target loads though it
    probably wouldn't make a measurable difference to your group.

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    It depends on the powder and the application, but generally, I'm with Robert.~Muir

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    I just weigh the last few loads and then mix in the last partial load into the new batch. Minimal variation anyway but I tend just to check the new batch of powder throws the same weight also put a few of the new powder batch across the chrony and unto target to check. Only once had any major effect about 1'' high and right. Original powder was quite old though. ATB Bob

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    Ive never reloaded now for about 5 years, but when i was i used to mix them (same type!)and always kept a check on the throw anyway. i couldn't tell the difference.

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    given how little is needed in a reload, surely any 'left overs' would be such small amounts you just tip it into the new one and give it a good shake,,,after you've put the lid on

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    ive been mixing the dreggs of the same powder type together since i first started reloading and never noticed the difference , but i do only shoot hunting rounds and don't punch paper !
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    yep tip it into the new one and give it a good shake
    regards pete .

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