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Thread: my first roe buck stalking weekend

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    my first roe buck stalking weekend

    the weekend started off with me and my brother travelling up to see the solway stalker for a stalk up on the goats at the forest estate where we met john the head stalker who took us out and got us onto the goats after 2 hours of stalking up a mountain. where my brother bagged him self his first goat not a trophy but its not all about trophys is it. we the made our way back to our hotel where we got ready for an evening stalk where my brother went in the high seat to try to bag himself one of the wild boar on the solway stalkers ground and i went out to try and get me my first roe buck which with the help and knowledge of of his ground i glassed around the clear fell and spotted 3 bucks approx 600 yards from us we stalked into them for an hour when i got my shot that was clean the buck dropped instantly we gralloched the buck and got back to base to find my brother hadnt had the same luck. the morning stalk was at half 6 where we would stalk alone i stalked up an area of clear fell surounded by thick forest where i spooked acouple of doe s i moved into a position on top of a rocky outcrop i glassed around the open area a few times to find 2 bucks 120 yards from me as they were directly down wind i got onto my bipod and took my shot another clean kill the beast dropped where he stood with help from my t3 .308. my brother and i would like to take this opertunity tho thank the solway stalker for an excelent weekends stalking and the next installment is already booked. it jut goes to show that if you have the right local knowledge you will suceed regularly.Click image for larger version. 

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    sounds like you had a good weekend up north on the solway and meet some good lads jason and paul thanks for sharing your tips and good company will no doubt see you lads again will be visiting the solway stalker again to try for my first wild boar in a few weeks time and maybee might bag myself a nice roebuck there is plenty about and thanks again to solway stalker for an exelent weekend and for putting a smile on my brothers face

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    Well done, it sounds like you had a great time, and got some tasty food.

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    Hi Yozzer and Rap
    Thats 3 deer from 3 outings Ben off to a good start ,have to leave some
    for your brother remember ,was a good outcome considering the weather
    see you in a few weeks

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    Good to meet you both too yozzer & rap. I reckon if we had stayed in the bar for a few more hours on Saturday night, we would have seen someone bag another doe if you know what I mean ;-)

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    My money would have been on the landlord ,What a smoothie

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    Jase where is your write-up did you get any pics of your buck
    up on the hill

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    Unfortunately, having dragged it from lands end to John o groats in the pitch dark on the roughest ground in living memory, the photo wasn't remembered pal!!! The joys of the evening stalk. On a serious note though, I was very pleasantly surprised with the new ground Colin. Thanks again for the invite. I have high hopes for the ground this year. I could do a write up on the Sunday morning stalk too but I think you know how that one went........the bang wasn't quite what I had in mind see you again soon pal.

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    Good test for your stalking skills a place like that Jase,im sure it will
    do well this year
    Will have new ,stronger seats made for your next visit ,

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    Good Lad !!!!

    Well done Yoz onya fostn,were ye sitting on a bike pump !!?? Get at em!

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