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    thinking of getting my .243 re-barreled BUT?

    what barrel.
    how much should i be paying for the full job
    and who should i be getting to do the job
    how long will it be away for e.t.c

    any info would be great
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    Both the rifles in my gallery have been re-barrelled. Both are red deer legal, so I wasn't in a rush as I did one at a time, but from start to finish both took about 5 months to be ready to shoot at deer again. So that's from giving up the rifle, getting it back with the new barrel, and working up the first load with expanding bullets.

    One thing to ponder re .243 is the twist to get, I got mine rebarrelled to 1:8 in order to shoot 105 AMax and heavier bullets. PM me if you would like to discuss these rifles in more detail. The .243 was done at Border Barrels and is an Archer barrel and Russell Gall did the 260 with a Kreiger barrel. Both rifles shoot better than I can. Keep in mind that whoever you chose to go with will need to be visited twice. Neither of these folk are anywhere near me or you, but I would have no hesitation in going back to either when the time comes to get another barrel.

    Regards JCS

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    had the same decision as you to make 2 years ago; went for a border 243 Ackley (no change to ticket) with a 1:8 twist v happy with it cant fault the engineering or service.


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    Hmmm notice no mention of ball park figures................................. I was quoted 680 last year to do the .280. price will vary slightly dependign on exchange rate if it's an imported barrel and make of barre. but it's often cheaper to buy a new rifle.

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