Yesterday my brother in law and I were walking our northern country estate. I was working the dogs, pushing cover to try and push out some rabbits for his shotgun. There is a large (3/4 acre approx) copse bordered by gorse bush. As I put the dogs in a 6 pointer roe buck was flushed.

A bit further round in the same field my brother in law came across two cast antlers. Click image for larger version. 

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A nice set of 6 pointers. There is a some pearling, don't know if you can see from the photo. The base of the antlers is convex, which someone once told me means that the deer's antler quality is still improving. Don't know if that is true? Hopefully it is, and the buck is the 6 pointer I saw yesterday.

Tried stalking him this morning, but the wind was wrong. saw him head over my boundary with two does in tow. Will keep trying.