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Thread: reloader 22 for 25/06 reloads.

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    reloader 22 for 25/06 reloads.

    hi guys how many of you 25/06 uses reload with reloader 22 powder.

    I have been looking up from 100 to 120 grain bullets this powder seams to cdome out well for accuracy and good speed also. do you use magnum powders when reloading for this caliber ?

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    sorry mate NEVER used it i use IMR4831 for 117-120gr and H4895 for 75gr V-Max ( 75GR NOT FOR DEER) and i use Fed Gold Match Primers

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    i have used reloader 22 and 4831sc in a 25 off the top of my head about 52 grains both loads shoot to the same point of impact with hornady 117 btsp grouping under one inch . Check a reloader guide for correct loads for both as i am going on memory if this is any help . i personally dont use magnum primers but some do i dont know what difference they would make on the pressures generated by using them in any given load

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    Quote Originally Posted by stalkerboydy View Post
    sorry mate NEVER used it i use IMR4831 for 117-120gr and H4895 for 75gr V-Max ( 75GR NOT FOR DEER) and i use Fed Gold Match Primers
    What speeds are you getting with these of two and what twist is your rifle

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    R22, 55g CCI Mag, Barnes TSX 100g 3,102fps

    R22, 57g CCI Mag, Speer 100g, 3,248fps

    R22, 51.5 CCI Mag, Hornady 117g 2,727fps

    All in T3 Tikka

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    I have used RL-22 for 117gr Sierra PH & GK and it worked pretty well. The most consistent results, however, came from (53.3 grains) IMR 7828. It groups consistently into 1/4" - 3/8" with a muzzle velocity of 3,050ft/s from a 24" barrel

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    I have done some load development this weekend with Reloader 22 in a Tikka T3
    there were no high pressure signs with these loads but work up from below I was after accuracy not flat out speed.
    Nosler 110gr Accubonds RL22 58.0grs 3194fps

    Berger 115gr VLD RL22 51.3grs 2930fps

    Sierra 117gr Game Kings RL22 51.5grs 2711fps

    All loads were in Federal cases and used CCI 200 primers
    I shot 3 shot groups all the listed loads shot under 1 moa at 100 metres

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