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Thread: Rifle work, what would you do?

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    Rifle work, what would you do?


    2nd hand Winchester Mod 70, 1980's. .308 - 26" Heavy Barrel. Standard wood stock, quite beaten up. Action & Barrel in decent shape, no signs of pitting/crown damage/etc.

    Rifle acquisition cost 250.

    Budget for re-work 500

    This needs to be made into a hill rifle for reds that can also be used for a bit of target work.
    Personally I am thinking of pillar and glass bedding the stock, applying a nice dark green Duracoat, getting picantilly rail fitted to action, Harris Bipod, Niggeloh dual strap, Jewell trigger....

    What would you guys do?

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    First I'd shoot it. Then I'd decide what I "needed" to do. I am a big believer in not fixing what isn't broken.~Muir

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    does it work or are you just looking to "bling it up"?

    saw a .223 in a dealers cabinet yesterday that had a novel approach to resizing the front sling hook.
    the previous owner had taken an angle grinder to it whilst still on the rifle and cut two slots down the sides of the stud when making it thinner!! decent looking tikka apart from that, as a result it is going for a song.
    Still shoots and I would be bothered if on a budget

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    it shoots for sure, no probs there. However, I want a more solid stock, as the wood will be exposed to some seriously bad weather over the coming years. I do not want to spend 600 on a McMillan or B&C yet, as it's just too much. Therefore, I was thinking of bedding the stock, and then treating with duracoat or similar..

    so yes, I want it blinged up a bit, but there's also logic to the whole thing...

    I am visiting New Hampshire and Maine in May,,,are there anything I should be considering bringing back from there for this project perhaps?

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    Save your money, go buy a HOWA HB Stainless, I shot mine at 500yds on Sunday, 4 " groups, you should get one for less than 600 new or 500 s/h, I had a Mod 70, could not wait to get rid, or buy a s/h SAKO, it will always be worth what you paid out, unlike a minted up old Winnie 70, New ones are less than 450 !!
    Its like doing up an old car, its still an old car at the end of the day. I just bought a SAKO 75 virtually unused screwcut for 680 from a main dealer (Garlands). Save your cash and shop around there are plenty of bargains to be had dealers are keen to shift stock just now.

    My personal opinions
    regards FlyBoy270

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    I would not spend 500 on a push feed Winchester.

    Get rid of it, recover your money if possible. 750 will buy a very tidy Sako.

    Edit: This is 500 worth of late 80's / early 90's Sako:
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    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Yeah, but if I get a 750 sako, I can't replace the trigger, and I won't have a budget left for duracoat treatment, picatinny rail, or to get it bedded.....

    Don't get me wrong, I love sako's, but they're too pretty to start taking apart, etc. If I got the synthetic I'd want to replace the stock anyway, so I feel that's a bit of a waste....

    To be honest the Win Mod 70 project sounds fun to me. I am thinking of perhaps doing the glass and pillar bedding myself, should be easy enough for a man of my skills, good materials available cheap in the US when I'm there, as well as a few cans of duracoat...

    we'll see...clearly you guys are not supporters

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    A Jewell trigger is probably going to cost you at least half your budget Midwayuk - Jewell Rifle Trigger Winchester 70 1-1/2 oz to 3-1/2 lb Stainless Steel, but there is none better. Speak to Jackson Rifles about getting hold of one...

    Have a read of this for ideas on bedding. Mine have all been done with Marine-Tex (but not by me!) Stress-Free Pillar Bedding

    If the stock is bad, consider getting something like this Classic Replacement Stocks for a Winchester Model 70

    Save some budget for setting the barrel back or recrowning if the accuracy is not there after your work. Don't forget good dies. The rail will make it tacti-cool but isn't necessary for accuracy. Apart from that, spend what is left on whatever bits you need/want!

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    Hmmm well seeing as how I believe the Model 70' trigger is adjustable why waste money on a BR trigger.. They're not safe on the hill IMHO. far too light for a staling rifle.

    Buy a used Sako 75 and that's what you ahve the same as everyone else and their mother. Nope I would not go that route.. Mind you i don't like em much anyway.

    I am not sure what is wrong with push feed either...In all honesty how often do you need to operate the bolt upside down?

    bedding speak to soemone like Redmist as he seems to ahve it down pat. Good lucjk with your project.

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    i would put it in a h&s stock and jewell trigger and your sorted

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