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Thread: Bushnell Banner

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    Bushnell Banner

    Will a bushnell banner scope be ok on a 30.06?

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    None would be my opinion.................. the Banner is one of their low level models if I recall correctly.

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    Save up and buy German/austrian brand s/h will better than any "new" yank scope. Imho.
    Just get a "fixed" power instead of u.s. zoom.

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    I was just wondering if the recoil would destroy it?

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    I know what you meant and in my experience most cheaper scopes though advertised as recoil proof but often loose zero when zoom is altered as well as when knocked or under hard recoil.

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    Many thanks for the advice chaps, i will just have to squirrel some more money away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicholiath View Post
    Many thanks for the advice chaps, i will just have to squirrel some more money away.
    Always best mate
    buy once and buy right.
    regards john

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    think someone has it wrong here is the vidio scope not for just recording what you see through normal scope think it sits on top of tele sight

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    wrong thread mate.
    were you up early?? or just come in from the pub ?? lol

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    Yes out before 6 got in 2206pm but no pub just sorting roe out and larder etc

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