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Thread: Hunting in New Zealand in May of 2012

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    Hunting in New Zealand in May of 2012

    A bunch of Aussies and myself are headed to New Zealand for Tahr, Chamois, and Stags in May of 2012. We are waiting to find out what block we drew for.

    Really looking forward to a mountain hunt, I have not hunted the mountains in years.

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    nice one were off in a couple of weeks to new zealand for 13 days looking forward to it i will post pics and video to wet your appetite,atb wayne
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    Have a look at this NZ site, a good bunch of lads there, will probably help out with details of the block once you know where it is. Bob

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    I was fortunate to get a 5 day trip hunting chamois in the southern alps up the whataroa river a few weeks ago with a guy off the fishnhunt forum. Things started off fantasticly with a heli in to the camp spot at just over 1200m above sea level. Once camp was set up we went for a wonder for the rest of the day. Sadly didn't spot anything and once the cloud started dropping we made tracks back for camp. On the way back, I had a bit of an arse nipping slip, but poor hayden slipped and went down a waterfall with the rifle and himself parting company. The next day we climbed near vertically for 300m and set off to a different area. After a while of spying I spotted my first Chamois. We were making steady progress but the whiley big horned bugger seemed to know the game. We could never get closer than 300yds. Hayden offered me the shot, but I said we had plenty of time left so he could take the first one. Sadly the shots never connected and Hayden was truly gutted. Very shortly after that the cloud descended once again and we had to head back. Be prepared to get very wet, as there will be numerous river crossings!!

    Well after that we had a solid 5 days in the tent as it was either absolutely pissing down or pea soup fog! The heli couldn't get back in to fetch us and we had no way of communicating with the outside world except for a PLB ( personal locating beacon, for emergency use only)

    So we never saw any other animals on the trip. The heli eventually got in 2 days overdue at which point we had already started rationing food!! I even missed my flight back to the UK, but all I can say that Emerites is a very understanding company to fly with and managed to sort me a plane ride back 2 days later.

    Well I can wait to get back there again to get my chamois.

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ID:	7475From April this year same sort of ground,tough but wonderful hunting.

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