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Thread: Stealth cams

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    Stealth cams

    always fancied one of these but the idea of spending couple hundred quid on a cam then leaving it out side with nowt but blurry pics didnt appeal......

    im no professional this would just be for curiousity see whats on the go so to speak.....

    are the cheaper models any good?

    any advice on em would help


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    Buy this months sporting rifle. There is a report on cameras which style. Word of warning. Speaking to someone that had one nicked. If the battery is going dow a red warning light comes on. It did exit one camera complete with the offending poacher pics. cover the warning light

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    Also good for finding out what the Mrs 'really' does when you're at work

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    This one - Ltl Acorn 5210A - gets a good write up and has a lot of features for the price compared to others.

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    Best price I've seen is here:

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    i had a stealth cam once..i set it up ok..but could i hell find it again

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    Its not a cheap at 219 but it seems to have some good specs and is in the sale.

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