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Thread: Contents of a fallow

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    Contents of a fallow

    Was out the other night and spotted a small group of fallow does (a miracle with the level of poaching round here at the minute!!!) One of them was out of sorts, walking a bit hunched etc. The others cleared off but she was in no hurry so I decided I should take her out.
    As soon as I started the gralloch I felt some large hard bulges in the stomach so I cut it open to take a look. The first pic is as it came the second 2 are the contents washed off on my decking (oh how the missus loves me!!!)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    What I thought were pebbles werent but some branny/clay like substance that was rock hard even in her stomach.

    Guessing this is quite unusual?

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    For "night" read evening before you all get over excited!!

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    Id have to do a level 6 to identify that.
    Did it have a blood supply or was it simply free floating within the rumen?
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Have seen this fairly regularly with fallow, it's even more noticeable when bucks are shot during the rut as there is nothing in there stomachs except the stuff that can't pass through the digestive tract, i have seen all sorts of plastic from silage bale wrap to baleing twine.


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    Thats Fallow for you, the dustbins of the deer species

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    We pull all sorts of weird things out of cow's rumen's on post mortem - meters of bale band, stones [sometimes quite large], sand, gravel, electric fence insulators, silage wrap, nails, wire etc. Usually there and causing no harm.

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    Fallow almost always have plastic in the rumen, good place to shoot a loitering buck is where ferti bags have been wrapped over barbed wire fencing, they stand and chew it!

    Also if you have a lot of fallow, check out shotgun cartridges on the woodland floor or a woodland shoot stand, chewed flat then spat out I would bet.

    They dont seem to do it in the open but given a bit of cover, chewing a bit of plastic is as adictive as smoking for fallow.

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