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Thread: Which calibre for reds/ sika?

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    Which calibre for reds/ sika?

    Hi, I am in the process in puting in for a variation and i just dont know which calibre to put down for reds and sika? .6.5/.270/308


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    Your question will of course ignite the usual furore of opinion, based on peoples personal preference and experience. All will do the job, so at the end of the day, it will come down to your personal preference. You may want to think about ease of getting ammo, or reloading if that is your bag - but overall it will come down to what rifle is available that you feel most comfortable with. If you're like me, you will have a nag until you get what you want.

    You will find that many Picts on here favour the 270 for the bigger beastie - and I am with them on that.


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    Of the 3 I am a 270 fan nothing wrong with the 308 I used to use one too, but the old 270 just seems to flatten them, if you are talking 6.5X55 I have seen it lacking on big reds, in fairness others on here swear by it. Not sure if you are a reloader or not but 7X64, 7X57 and 30-06 are other calibres to conceder if you come across a rifle in any of these that is at the right price and fits you.



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    270 does the job, so does a 30.06

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    Yeap, 270/ 30.06 ; both been around since the early 1900's and still popular for a very good reason.

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    Any accurate deer legal calibre you like the look of... so take your pick from the three you list. Gun fit/feel/price important.

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    Oooohhh I can just imagine the fur and feathers starting to fly on this one

    This has been asked many times before, in various guises, and the obvious answer is that all will kill the deer with a correctly placed shot. But I think the oft overlooked point in this question is one of confidence. There are stalkers on many estates who use the .243 for all their estate work and who would not want anything larger calibre wise. It is proven to do the job!

    But for those of us who might only stalk occassionally, what calibre would we feel more confident with if suddenly faced with a stag of a lifetime? Personally I think that, given an equally accurate rifle, I would rather have a .308 than my 6.5x55.

    If I was to be shooting on the open hill at big stags I think the 7mm Rem Mag would take some beating, but would really carry little advantage over the .270 except at very long range. Both are inclined to affect the recoil sensitive among us, at least according to myth and legend. But the continentals regualrly use the 7x64 which can be loaded to very nearly Rem-Mag levels and it is very similar in performance to the .270.

    Best advice, is to find a rifle that fits you, and that you like the look of, buy it and practise with it as much as possible. As for calibre, anything from 6.5 upwards will do the job given it has the right projectile in it. I do not happen to believe that there is any magic calibre.

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    out of the three me personally ide choose the .308

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    Pick what represents a good deal to you, that's nice, fits well, and shoots well. Also consider what ammo your local RFD stocks, or if reloading, what bullets you would like to have access to, etc.

    I personally picked .308 because I felt it would complement my .243 nicely, it's not too hungry for powder, and bullets and reloading information is available a plenty. Also, brass is about half the price of other calibres. You'll find more ballistic data on .308 then any other calibre, IMHO. I also felt that if I am travelling to different parts of the UK for stalking trips, and need to top up on ammo from a local RDF, there is a much better chance of getting .308 than some other more exotic calibres.

    just my opinion of course

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    I also would go for the .308 known for being a very accurate round plenty of knock down power and if you reload probably the cheapest round to reload and practice with, plenty of choice as most gun makers offer it in their line up for good reason and pleny of second hand ones always around, if you intend to fit a moderator the recoil is very much tamed, good luck with you purchase/variation.

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