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Thread: Deer quest cd.

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    Deer quest cd.

    Require current Deer Quest cd or any other similiar cd for study to level 1 exam.Thanks

    Now fixed up,thanks
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    Buy the new one if you have your own pc.what ive seen of it it is top class and not that expensive when you see the quailty.

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    Hello mate i have a cd i could let you have
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    Many thanks for the offer. Bought the Jelene cd. Unfortunately missed exam yesterday due to chest infection which has floored me.Never mind,will do it next time around.Really kind offer though, all the best..CJ


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    Quote Originally Posted by mark@mbb View Post
    Hello mate how have you gone on with the cd i have jelen V2 april 2011 stored on my computer i can load it onto a disc and post it to you if you want
    just send me your address

    I would like to buy a copy of this from you please if you dont mind.


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    any one looking for a copy of jelen deer dsc level 1 for the cost of the p and p

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    daddycashpoint You have PM

    Jason hunter

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