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Thread: Kia Sorento 4x4

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    Kia Sorento 4x4

    Any users of a Kia Sorento on this forum? As I am looking around already a couple of months to replace my Kangoo, I heard good things about these 4x4's. The model from 2006/2007 with a ladder chassis, 2.5 lit diesel engine.

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    I don't have one, but can tell you that five have appeared in and around town. Two are owned by friends who are really pleased with them, they both went for the big engined tiptronic geared jobbies and very nice they are too.

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    Ive had one for nearly 2 years now 05 model bought it in belfast at least a grand cheaper than over here!! Turbo failed at 90000 miles (garret turbo same as all mercs have fitted) other than that been very reliable done over 40000 miles since getting it, not got it stuck yet get 30ish to the gallon on a run, you could do worse.

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    I'm not a Sorrento owner (I have got a Subaru Forester) but I have recently looked into getting a new car...

    I was considering the Hyundai Santa Fe - The newer ones look quite nice and seem to be well regarded.

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    I tried the sorrento one weekend for test out, was a spanker. Not an every day 4x4, just occasional use in my opinion. It was ok green lane, fuel ok, comfort ok. I have no idea what the test of time will say or do to this car, but to be honest try a jeep cherokee, for the money they cannot be beat. For comfort , drubility & diesel ecconomy, been a good size too they will take a good or bad day out on the moor. The 4x4 ability on any 4x4 , is down to tyres , get good ones !

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    I was told my Merc turbo had failed until I did some digging. Common fault is that the actuator arm sticks, got it moving again, sprayed with oild, freed it up totally by moving backwards and forwards. Problem totally solved Went from a 2k job to a 10p job.


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    hi mesmer.
    lucky you mate, seals went on mine sucked all the oil out of the sump and fired it through the engine despite being switched off revved the b****cks of it took 2days to drain the part burned oil out of the exhaust.
    happy days

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    Had 2005 Kia Sorrento XSE put 95K miles on clock in 5 years without a glitch. Now have the new KX2 model which has a 2.2 diesel and is more fuel efficient but liked the old shape better.

    If you are off roading, it needs suitable tyres, normally supplied with 80/20 road which are okay on wet grass but crap on mud. The vehicle lolls about on road going round corners, but most 4x4s do this. Ceratinly would recommend.

    Word of warning- if the original owner or you do not get an annual body check cost circa 175pa -warranty is null and void

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