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Thread: Warmer weather.

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    Warmer weather.

    Well what can I say other than the past week has been testing.
    I have NO shortage of bucks as those that stalked with me in the doe season will atest.
    Where are they though, odd glimpses of them deep in cover or as they pop out for two bites and then back into thick cover.
    I'm sure the damp cold strong winds we have had for the last week hasn't helped. But its warming up a treat now and the wind speeds seem to be ebbing. There is some fraying and we saw some bucks chasing this morning, though they were not commited.
    Will they come out to play for the week end, what do you boys think??

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    I hope so, I'm out on saturday with an AW hopefully for my final stalk for the DSC2, very warm and humid here on the west coast
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    going out this evening but I am sure buck are given a calander they understand with 1 april clearly marked

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    I'm in North Yorkshire at the moment and it's beautiful outside, I have just spoken to the Mrs who informed me it is lashing it down back home in Nairn, hope it clears up as I'm on leave for 2 weeks come Friday.

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    Yep it sure is lashing down in Nairn but its supposed to be nice for the weekend . Bring on the first buck of the season.

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    Similar experience in my neck of the woods plenty of bucks about but only occasional brief sightings, then i popped out yesterday afternoon for a look in glourious sunshine and saw eight in under an hour.

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    Its the same a few miles to the west of you john, I havent seen a buck yet only the does are entertaining as usual when their season has ended.
    The forcast is looking good for the rest of the week so fingers crossed we will see a bit of activity.

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    Hi John,i hope they come out to play at the end of the week.We'll see you on Friday.I'll ring you tomorrow evening.

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    Yes been piss'n down the last 3-4 days here to chaps but to bright'n up from now to Sun.

    So I'll be out Bright and early over the next few days, for sure.

    Rgds, Buck.
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