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    Dogs for deer

    Just a quick Q, would a 1-2 year lab cross, be able to still be trained for deer? I only ask as i normally go to rehoming centres for my dogs (pets in the past) Just wondered if i decided to get another dog, could it be trained for deer. I would rather rehome a dog if i could than buy one. TIA

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    i went down this route and settled for a gsp hes around 2 yrs old had no training in any way not even obedience and came from foreign owners so had to start from scratch.after a few months hes put on good weight is responding very well walks to heel and sitting well and has found his first deer and was well chuffed with himself.we have a way to go yet but every outing he gets better i wouldnt change him for the world .in my limited knowledge of watching other dogs work is they all have the ability to find deer its just some have bad habits that are hard to beat but time and a loving home sure does make them want to please,atb wayne

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    i cant see why not i have put alot of effort into training tommy and without distraction hes spot on does everything i want ,when i took him for the first time on a proper stalk for 4 days in scotland he found his first deer i shot on his own he winded one that had trotted off so i recalled him as he was off the lead and he then followed up to the deer instantly so i was chuffed to bits the thing now is he knows what where after so as soon as he winds them he wants to take me to them so we now have to work on the slowly stalking them not him rushing in but its working well hes eager to please abit too much sometimes as the last outing he got out of the car to have a pee and i turned my back on him and he braught back the farmers duck so i had to tell him off for that one pleased as punch he was dropping it at my feet .he also has a thing for stalking frogs but since the deer hes definately more interested in as he likes the kidneys and feet and i think it must taste better than a slimey frog.sorry for waffling on but it yes i think that effort equals rewards and the dogs have a born instict to track /hunt its the obedience side thats the hard work and getting them to understand what you want,atb wayne

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    Cheers for that, do you have any photos of Tommy?

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    yes mate heres a few of the later ones,
    Click image for larger version. 

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    yes well chuffed with him.good luck if you decide to go ahead and keep us posted,atb wayne

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