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Thread: Leupold Mark 4 6.5 - 20 x 50 LR/T

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    Leupold Mark 4 6.5 - 20 x 50 LR/T

    This an ex demo scope which I bought and have never used. Sadly I have to sell it to fund a wedding. The scope is immaculate in every way. It comes boxed with caps and butler creeks and leupold tactical mounts. I am looking for £900 ono

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    hi. is the scope still for sale-will be away on holiday from early am tomorrow but if you post back i'll take matters up on my return.a.t.b.Is it one inch tube or 30mm? richard.
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    Any offers atround £800?

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    Hi, looking for a scope for my new .223 Tikka M595. I think this is a bit out of my price league, will take some serious selling off of stuff on ebay from my wife's cupboards but in case I can manage to up my wad, is this still for sale? Would you recommend it for .223?

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    these scopes are superb,use mine on a .223 for competitions and vermin.Very clear.

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    thanks for selling me this mk4 scope thats has alot of specs of dust inside the main tube all around the recticle,cheers swarovski

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    hi swarovski
    could not believe it when you showed me at bisley,and worse you have had no replys from old tikka. not the sort of thing that should go on. NO wonder your not impressed writely so !!!

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    Yes come on Old Tikka, at least answer the poor man.

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    I can recommend Paul Burke, he advertises in Gun Mart, a real craftsman, will sort out your Leupold in no time, and his charges are really reasonable, he has never charged me more than £40 and that was with a replacement lens for a Pecar.
    cheers FlyBoy270

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    Send it to Leupold in the States. If it is a Leupold it will have a lifetime guarantee and will be returned as good as new. Leupold are good to their word which is more than I can say for their distributors in this country or even some of the so called larger dealers. Do not bother with GMK because they will mess you around sending it to their repairers in Germany. They do not send scopes right away but wait for a month or six weeks until itís worth sending a batch over.
    I bought a new Leupold from Uttings back last year. After a short time the elevation started to wander rather erratically, even some of the better scopes occasionally go wrong. The scope was returned to Uttings who quite frankly could only be described as utter rubbish when something goes wrong and you have to return goods. Numerous emails and phone calls later just at the point when I am about to involve trading standards GMK contact me and explain their repair set up for Leupold scopes and even loan me an identical scope for a boar hunt that I had planned. Probably in an attempt to pacify me the rep promised that when my scope is returned and theirs returned to them, there would be something in the post for me as a good will gesture. Not specific but I thought a reasonable gesture. Well Iím still waiting for that something. My Leupold was eventually returned but it took over three months from when I first posted it off. I got a bit annoyed about it in the end and wouldnít let up until Uttings paid for my postage which arrived a couple of days ago, not bad when you think that the scope was sent back to Uttings in December.
    Now Iím not knocking Leupold even though I only consider them reasonable in quality and not up there with S&B or Swarovski or even Meopta. All Iím saying is that if you have something go wrong with a Leupold send it straight back to the factory and cut out the middlemen. If they are like many American companies such as Dillon for instance you will find their service excellent.

    Incidentaly Paul Burke is a top guy who I have dealt with before and can recommend, but why pay when Leupold give a lifetime warranty.

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