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Thread: Ahoy hoy…

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    Ahoy hoy…

    Hello every one…

    I have spent a while lurking in the shadows and I thought I would finally step out and say hello. Since finding this site my work really has taken a bit of a hit but bugger it….it is defiantly more interesting!!

    I completed my DSC1 a month or so ago with Peter Pursglove which I found interesting and informative from a complete newbie to stalking’s point of view but of course I understand in the field it does really mean sod all….. With that in mind first couple of Roe Buck stalks are now booked and the excitement is really starting to build!!

    Had a 17hmr for a few years and am currently in the process of filling out the applications for the first cf in which I feel a 3006 is 'needed'. I say 'need' after shooting Peter’s on the DSC1 I may have fallen for the brute…..Now from reading the site I understand I may have a bit of a problem convincing the old police of my need for it but hey fortune favours the bold!

    In the past I have done a lot of driven pheasant, partridge and a bit of duck as well as a fair bit of rough shooting with the 17 and shotguns. I did also use to be big into target air pistol shooting but plinking targets in a big shed doesn’t quite have the same appeal as wandering the countryside trying to outwit a furry opponent…..

    Wow well you asked for an introduction and I may have gotten a little carried away….


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    Welcome to the site Maggots, and great intro.

    Congrats on the level 1.

    You`ve picked the right place for info.


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