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Thread: Aftermarket stocks

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    Aftermarket stocks

    Ok guys,

    what is better, using an aluminum bedded aftermarket stock like H&S or B&C, or getting a McMillan and bedding with Devcon to create a perfect fit to your action afterwards.

    Also, would you even consider pillar bedding an aftermarket stock even if it's already aluminum bedded.

    only serious replies please (yeah right, good luck to me on that one!) LOL

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    The concensus among rifle smiths seems to be that devcon in a McMillan is the way to go. That may well be because it is the easiest option for them. Certainly I have asked a few times and no one wanted to put pillers in a McMillan for me, but I know you can order a McMillan from the states with pillers prefitted.

    I have no experience of stocks with alu chassis, but the are supposed to be very stable. I think Accuracy International kicked this off more than a few years ago now.

    I can tell you the most accurate sporter weight rifle I ever owned or saw in action was a wooden stocked Mannlicher delux with factory fitted pillers. It was both accurate (genuine .3") and very consistent - it never moved zero.

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    Pillars only make sense if one has a stock or stock material that would crush or compress or relax or flow under
    the pressure that the action screws create. (also longterm)
    Aluminium should be safe on the compression side but can benefit from bedding.
    Some composite stocks have a softisch inlet materials to save weight and need pillars.
    Then again other composite stocks have integrated carbon pillars combined with structurally designed
    fiber reinforcement to take compression and recoil. No pillars needed but benefit also from bedding.
    Devcon isn't the best, but it is a good start.

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