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    Instand doe box

    I have just been down the new ground walking the dogs and getting the feel for the layout. Went into an area not often stalked but has produced a couple of nice bucks. On the way in flytippers have dumpped ton bags. As I was looking down the gully I thought doebox. I thought access not great. Then the penny dropped. Tie windfall {plenty of} between close trees. Shooting rail. fasten ton bag (feed bags as opposed to agrigate are about 4 feet square, some are complete cubes) two props and guys to the rear job done. Advantage just about free. Keeps wind and movement screned. Light and easy transported. easy shifted and nothing lost if stolen. Just a thought, Jim

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    get them to dump a 1000ltr ibc next green if you can!!..water proof/wind proof they make a great doe box!!

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    would be interesting to see it when its done. post some pics if you end up going ahead with it.
    atb Mo

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    look back on here about a week or put in search bar, i has been done and i am making one next week! or should i say x2

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedystu View Post
    thats the one!!..quality fly tippers

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    I seen these but no way would you get it in through the planting and wind fall. The other thing is you have to move it every so often as the bracken comes up and the plantings grow. Timber doe boxes take me about 2 hours to prefabricate quality using stirling board but I was thinking of temp structures easy transported to try different spots. jim

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