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Thread: Toyota Hi-lux Diesel tuning chip for 2.5 MK6/7

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    Toyota Hi-lux Diesel tuning chip for 2.5 MK6/7

    As above, it's a TD performance tuning chip and was fitted to our 2006 2.5 MK6 hilux, we've now got a 3 ltr which it won't fit so its up for sale.
    Made a noticeable difference to torque and fuel economy, particularly when towing.

    This was fitted and approved by the supplying dealer as not being detrimental to the engines longevity unlike some of the cheaper chips available.
    It's a TD perfomance chip from THESE GUYS, made in the UK to a very high standard.

    It's a doddle to fit, just whip off the intercooler cover and remove the injector connectors and connect them into the chip's loom then plug the corresponding male plug back into the ejector, connect it to a power supply, (the battery) and Roberts your mothers brother.

    It will fit any 2.5 MK6/7 120bhp intercooled engine as long as it has 2 wires to the injector plugs.

    200 to your door.
    It should give around a 10% imcrease in fuel economy if you don't radically alter your driving style to use the increase in power

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    will you take 150 big ones for it.

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    Meet me half way at 175 and it's yours. It was 375 from TD.

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    do you more indepth fitting instructions, I know you have explained a bit on here but please humour the feckless

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    Quote Originally Posted by happyhunt View Post
    do you more indepth fitting instructions, I know you have explained a bit on here but please humour the feckless
    It really is as simple as described above. If you open the bonet you will see a plastic cover over the intercooler (the thing that looks like a radiator laid flat on top of the engine)
    Remove the plastic cover and you will see the fuel injector wiring harness running above the injectors.
    The wiring harness is attached to each injector via a push fit plug.
    Lay the wiring harness for the chip alongside the injector harness.
    There are 2 leads for each injector on the chips loom which should be visible in the pictures.
    At each injector, unplug the vehicles harness for the injector and plug it into the corresponding socket on the chips loom then plug the other lead on the chip back into the injector.
    Just repeat this for each injector (4 of)
    Connect the positive and negative power leads on the chip to the battery.
    Tape the chip up out of the bay on the inner wing or bulkhead somewhere.
    Refit intercooler cover.
    Put feet up, have a cup of tea and marvel at your technical abilities.
    Seriousley, it's taken me longer to type this than it would to fit the chip.
    If you want it i'll take some pictures of it laid out against the injectors on our new truck to give you a completely 100% idiot proof instruction of how/where it goes and i'll happily talk you through it on the phone if you want.


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