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Thread: Wild Game Guide updated

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    Wild Game Guide updated

    This was part of an e-Mail I received this afternoon. Rgds JCS

    The Wild Game Guide - The Food Standards Agency has issued a revised Wild Game Guide dated 1st March 2011. There are two main changes, neither of which should have an impact on the majority of individuals or shoots selling wild game or game meat locally and in small quantities:

    1. The updated guide now incorporates the amendment issued on 30th June 2009 regarding the Hunter's Exemption, which clarifies the status of retail outlets supplying other retailers.

    2. The updated guide reflects the implementation of European Commission Regulation 1069/2009 laying down health rules with regard to animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption. It confirms that if you do not qualify for the Hunter's Exemption you will have to become an Approved Game Handling Establishment and meet the requirements for the disposal of animal by-products.

    The Food Standards Agency confirms that the National Game Dealers Association was consulted before the changes were made. Indeed, most of these establishments were already implementing the requirements prior to the issue of the new Regulation. The new version of the Wild Game Guide can be down loaded from the Food Standards Agency's web site here.

    The Wild Game Guide was first produced in October 2001 as a new guide to food hygiene legislation for people who shoot wild game and supply it either in-fur or in-feather or as small quantities of wild game meat. It gives information on hygiene regulations and ways to make sure meat is safe to eat. The Food Standards Agency produced the guide in partnership with the Meat Hygiene Policy Forum Working Group and the Wild Game Group, which is made up of stakeholders from the wild game meat industry, including the Countryside Alliance.

    Tim Hoggarth, our European Officer can be contacted for more information on
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