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Thread: Videoclip of wild boar crossing the canal

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    Videoclip of wild boar crossing the canal

    Nice video of a group of wild boar crossing one of our typical canals. They where feeding on the arable lands and where heading back to the patches of woodland. Problem for the youngsters was climbing back on the steep banks. One of the piglets drowned unfortunately because it became to exhausted trying to climb the bank. The others swam downstream and where fotunate to find a special "getting out of the canal" place designed for big hooved animals. Thought i shared the link and video with the forum. Hope it works.

    By the way, the site where it is from is a foundation for the protection of red deer. All deer enthousiasts, and part of their members is hunter as well. Good group of people, no anti's .

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    It's bad enough watching out for badgers when on the motorcycle, not much chance of avoiding that crowd!, cracking bit of film though!
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    Nice vid mate, there is an old Myth that swimming pigs cut their own throats, i have acctualy met people that claim to have seen this

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    Nice clip, amazing how they took to water to willingly. There is a network of similiar canals in south Yorkshire with steel piled banks and they are an absolute death trap for roe deer, especially in the next month or so when the youngsters are getting displaced.

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