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Thread: Magpies Available

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    Magpies Available

    Following on.......

    If any of the NI lads need magpies as call birds, I am catching most days here, so if you need one let me know.

    I am between Portadown and Banbridge.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Same goes for Greybacks If anyone needs one for their Larsen. I always keep a few in stock. Co Armagh

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    Any in the Swansea area?

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    Anyone in Hampshire able to spare one?



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    i will take one brian, are you around tonight or tomorrow evening.


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    Hi could I get a Greyback of you I ll be Armagh way on Wednesday evening if that suits

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    I might pop into you Thursday if I have no luck in between. It tailed off down here so I cut back on the traps and some f****r let the last 2 out.

    Hmm,international trade in wild animals.Are we at risk here ?

    Oops,saw the date of your post.Still got any?
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