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Thread: Selling all my gear

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    Selling all my gear

    Hi guys im sellin all my gear due to family reasons all is in excellent workin condition cz 452 heavy barel 22 cal with excellent scope factory screw cut with mod cz 222 with excellent scope screw cut an 308 rem sps all weather stock with s b scope 8 x56 scope leupold mounts with wild cat mod all rifles have very little use an new condition with harris bipod an with all factory ammo please get in touch if genuine interested for more info cheers also cleanin gear to an once fired shells

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    if you have loading press and 308 dies etc I'll have it for a mate, cheers

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    you might get good takeup by selling the .308 setup in parts...if you do, what price would you want for the remmy?

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    Sorry no press selling as whole units guys any other gear I find ill let you no

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    I have also four quality different types of rifle slips or they can go with the rifles everything is in new condition

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    They 22 has had about 1000 rounds through it and three years old the 222 about 200 rounds through it an three years old the 308 about 100 rounds through it about 2 years old all zero in excellent using factory ammo I am open to offers

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    pm your prices you want as im in cumbrisa could come have a look as well

    cheers webby

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    Hello mate! im am after a good slip! has to be min 0f 50in by 10 also what cleaning kit is there?
    cheers ss.

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    I will measure the slips the cleaning gear is just bronze brushes clothes and general liquids etc I have also one hawke zero in graph you put into barrel with all attachments going cheap

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    I am open to offers for the rifles guys you will be amazed at the condition of everything there is nothing wrong with anything just family reasons force sales

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