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Thread: Fast Twist barrel on a 22/250

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    Fast Twist barrel on a 22/250

    OK guys, I have acquired a Sako 75 in 22/250, well used but not abused.

    Considering getting it rebarreled in an 8 or 9 twist, I want to be able to shoot bullets in the 60 - 70gr bracket for the improved BC / wind drift characteristics.

    I don't want to over twist it, or end up with a setup that will be shot out in 1500 rounds, which is 2 years max for me.

    What are the thoughts?

    Would you Ackley it?

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    Have you tried it with heavier bullets through the barrel that's already on it?
    Doesn't the higher muzzle velocity attainable with the 22-250 go some way towards negating the need for faster twist? I've heard it does, but would like to know for sure myself.
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    My mate has his sako 85 22.250 with a smith at the moment for a rebarrel.
    He is going for a 8 twist as he wants to shoot the 80 grain bergers.
    He thought about the ackley but decided to stay with the standard 22.250 as he has redding comp dies already for it and he was also concerned about barrel life.

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    This question has come up before in another form.

    The fundamental problem with .22 CF sporting bullets is that being light they lose velocity and are blown off course too easily. The tradeoff for using heavier 60-70 grain bullets is reduced velocity and slightly less wind drift but .... if you look at the figures .... the gains are pretty negligible. I don't think there's an answer.

    I would have thought that an Ackley version would make a barrel life of 1500 rounds damn certain. The standard .22-250 is pretty hard on barrels

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    Have a look at the 22-250 page on

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    Brian, send me your email addy.

    I've put something together for you that'll answer your ballistics question.

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    a 75 amax out of a 1 in 9 would be a cracking tool. have you seen the sir slots alots video's on youtube he has a tikka m590 with 1 in 9 twist barrel and shoots the 75 amax out at around 3300 fps. the bc of the 224 75 amax is better then that of a 87 grain 6mm vmax. this makes the 22/250 a great longrange tool.

    just look up the video's if you havent seen them and see it in action. alan is a nice guy also he will ask any questions you want to know about it

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    you may recall, I have a 22-250AI (Tikka 595) which ive owned for 7 (ish) years.

    The barrel is a Border cut (8 tw)

    This rifle has shot upwards of 3500 rounds (all moly cote 75g A-max)

    It still shoots circa .3" at 100 yds and shows very little firecracking or signs of wear.

    I would - if (when) it comes to rebarrel time use a standard chambering with fast twist barrel next time, as I only push the bullets at sub 3000 fps, this I believe is achievable without improving.

    The rifle wont mag feed - it would require alteration (permanent) of the feed ramp angle and i'm not prepared to do this to the action.

    I wouldnt hesitate to try a faster barrel if I were you..

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    Redmist thanks for the feedback.

    I am by no means obssessed with AI'ing the rifle. I decided to have it shortened, recrowned and rethreaded this week. Steve Kershaw is doing that right now. It currently has 14 twist so I will be limited to 55gr for now.

    I will shoot it over the spring and summer and see how I get on with it.

    I really want a 6mm PPC or BR but I am pretty sure the cops won't license these in NI for foxes. Going to do a bit of research on that subject, if I can get over that hurdle, I will rethink the calibre and decide on one of the small 6's.

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    Just on the shorter barrel "thing"

    I shortened mine a few weeks ago to 20" to get rid of little pitting near the muzzle, re crowned an range / chrono - its still giving 2890fps and .3" with the same load, that shot well at 24"

    Rifle is far more "portable" now.

    Mod used is a T8...

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