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Thread: Day rates on hill hinds?

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    Day rates on hill hinds?

    I realise that individual estates may vary greatly in what they might offer, by way of both service and opportunity to "connect" but...

    What range of prices would be typical for an accompanied outing, hind stalking on the hill?

    In, for example, Perthshire.


    In the unhappy and probably very unlikely event that your stalker didn't get you "onto" at least one beast, how would you expect that to be reflected in the amount you paid?

    ps. I meant to say, total cost, including a suitable tip for the stalker... And my reason for asking is, I've just been offered such stalking by an agent at 175-230 per outing, depending on estate (these are all in costs... but no refunds if no luck ) and this struck me as bit... High (puting it politely)
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    About 100 give or take 25.

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    Pay 150 day hind cull,no limit on numbers, 50 payment for costs no show.

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    150+VAT/day. No discount for blank day.

    Some places are doing a surcharge per head for more than 3 Hinds/Calves.

    Tip? Well that just depends on how much you enjoy your day.
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