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    Couldn’t help but notice that posts by 300wsm have gone???

    What’s happened here then??

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    The imagine the mothership called time

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    Is that a good thing?

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    No, I am sure his input is very welcome, but he needs to realise that there are many people on this site with good in-depth knowledge that are here to help others as much as possible. Doubting everyone elses judgement makes only for one outcome (arguements). On the post that was removed he seemed to think he was always correct, and that everyone else did not have a valid opinion, even with first hand experience.


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    Who,s gone
    missed it , thought we all had a say!

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    Got to be honest, what I love about deer stalking is that everyone tends to listen, but possibly disagree!!!!...But then listen again. It is sad when people have a set way, and no matter what, in there opinion the "set" way is right. I find it even sadder when the argument that is put forward is backed up by qualifications that are basically "pay and pass!"

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    I am aware of his removing posts but nothing has been said to me or JAYB at present.

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    I think we are all good for debate and to a certain extent disagreement, but some people seem set in their ways and seem to go to any extent to to try and prove people wrong with constantly going on without hard facts. 2 people who have experience with the Forestry Commission have tried to explain that you need min level 2 to shoot on commission ground, (without a ranger or mentor) but 300wsm was adamant that you could shoot commission ground with no DSCs at all.
    Now, don`t get me wrong, it would be great if that were the case, but when i worked for them 3/4 years ago, you needed level 2 to shoot unmentored and at least level one and the skills test beforehand to shoot at all. As of this year, and jingzy has proved the fact, you need level 2 min to shoot on there ground or you will be kicked off, simple as that. So to go claiming that you know of at least 4, or was it 3 places where commission ground is being shot with nothing i find impossible to accept.
    One of the ways this "COULD" possibly happen, is if the forestry commission was managing private ground for timber and the owner still had his own guys going in controlling deer. There is a member on this site that manages deer in this type of situation but they are still very strict on the level of qualification that is needed.


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    In two of the instances I am pretty sure that strictly speaking 300wms is correct.

    On the St Hubert ground at Thetford, we as club members can stalk without holding a Level 2...The other side of the coin is that to do so Club members have to have gone through the Club training scheme which has been endorsed and supported by the FC over the years, and is now a LANTRA accredited qualification in its own right. FWIW, that training scheme has been recently modified to include the "new" FC requirement of an annual shooting test of the FC's specification. The only difference is we can run this "in house" without the requirement of a Ranger to be present...

    The other place I think 300wsm is referring to is the BASC stalking scheme on Arrun which again is FC land..IIRC BASC members are only required to hold a Level 1 and upon arrival shoot a three round group to demonstrate their rifle is zero'd rather than take the full FC shooting test...

    Something similar may apply to BASC's other stalking scheme in Scotland, although I have no direct experience with that..

    I also suspect that in certain limited places, the FC may also allow stalkers from the old MOD Services branch ( i can't remember what its called these days) to stalk deer, providing they have gone through the Services Branch training scheme...Again I have no direct experience of this so I am not 100% sure...

    Having said that, it is my understanding that except for these limited exceptions, the majority of stalkers who are on "ordinary" FC leases are going to be required to hold a Level 2...When I was on an FC lease up on the Borders a couple of years back, that is certainly how the Head FC Ranger positioned it to us...I hope this is incorrect and that they will accept other criteria, but I don't think that is the case..



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    I am afraid for the majority of FC ground, then the DSC 2 is going to be the base requirement. What 300 was saying was incorrect as far as these situations go. In your own instance of the St Huberts, they have been going for years with a good training programme. This is why you will not need to have the DSC 2, you are already proven with their support in your training schedule.

    The BASC areas are for BASC members and is "designed to provide practical follow on experience or for those who have completed the Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1."

    Thats all the fact that was required for 300 to find. The areas are used for people to gain further experience and also work towards their level 2 as the situation dictates.

    So it is not a free run for all unsundry to have a go on. It is a structured element for the development of stalkers.


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