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Thread: led vs halogen

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    led vs halogen

    Can anyone give a view on the 'new generation' of led lamps and whether they are an improvement on the likes of lightforce, tracer max and the like?

    I've a mate looking to buy a gun mounted lamp and he asked my views. I've no experience of the led stuff, but they seem a lot smaller than the usual fayre. Id have thought they would be fairly underpowered and have a tighter beam? I personally find led light quite harsh over the usual 'yellow' light.



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    Hi Novice...
    I've recently become involved in LED torch technology writing reviews for clients. This is the most recent one UK DEER's review of the JETBEAM JET1 PRO V3 TORCH).

    LED's are far superior to any conventional bulb (including halogen). They run on smaller / lighter batteries (CR123 or 18650's) so the whole set up is lighter, brighter and longer lasting.

    I'll agree they are expensive at the moment (JETBEAM UK Supplying high power LED torches in the UK) but as with any emerging technology this will always happen. Once the factories get geared up to producing very large volumes (In a year or so) these will be about the same price as conventional torches.

    I've started using them myself lately for hunting and they are absolutely brilliant.

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    We have been using them for years best things since sliced bread. The Taiblo/fenix ranges are excellent.

    Low power consumption, light and compact. The light is however very white and can be off putting.

    This aside we still tend to use a lightforce for general searching and when we are paired up. However if you are solo shooter then a scope mounted LED is the way forward and will cope with most fox shooting situations.

    As a general torch they are unbeatable and my Fenix TK11 has gone everywhere and is bombproof. With rechargeable, the batteries it lasts for ages (months)

    I would never buy a convention bulb torch ever again.


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    I'm using a Fenix TK15 not on the rifle but as a torch carried on my belt. It is a great job with usable naked eye illumination out to 180 yards or more depending on your requirements. It will pick out deer eyes much, much further than that.

    The LED technology in torches is moving at a considerable pace so new tech today will be inexpensive and old hat this time next year. The people making the LEDs are also catching on that some people don't like the very white light and so are making their LEDs in a range of colour temperatures now to allow you to choose.

    There is a US based forum called candlepower forum that is populated by people who seem to live and breathe nothing but LED torches! Well worth a look before you spend any cash.

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