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    hi, so here is my introduction.
    well im in afghanistan at the moment! for the 3rd time,
    Im new to stalking, but not new to shooting,
    I was raised on a farm in cornwall, where i shot shotguns from a young age, however my rifle shooting didnt realy start until i joined the army.
    after becoming interested in stalking and having a friend to mentor me, my fac application went in, and i now have a ticket for .243, which should be a good place to start.
    Im very much looking to returning to the uk, where i live in devon, and have permissions to shoot over land in both in devon and cornwall,
    very much looking forward to a good amount of time off, to get plenty of shooting in,
    im concidering a sako 85, tikka t3, or posably a steyr pro hunter (however i have heard mixed reviews on the latter, all advice greatley aprechiated)
    well before i bore everyone to death ill call it a day there,
    happy shooting everyone, wish i was doing the same!!

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    welcome to sd! good luck in afghanistan! have a look at the x-bolt, i got one in .243 very pleased with it..

    Regards, Jez.
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    A big welcome the site Bruce and may i say i wish you and all the other boys a safe tour and return home from duty.

    The SD site is a big supporter of Help For Heroes.



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    Welcome and hope all goes well with your tour in afgan my nefew and his wife are dog handlers and I think out there now.
    May I suggest you also look at joining defence deer management there is some good stalking to be had with them so I understand especially as jo public does not have access to a lot of mod land.

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    In the nicest possible way, I hope you don't get any shooting any time soon. Not 'til you get back to the UK anyway.
    Welcome to the site. Do you have any plans of trying to get in DDM?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    thanks to you all for your replys
    i will definatley look in to the x-bold, have never fired one before, and i dont know anyone with one so it hasnt realy apeard on my radar so far but will take a look at one now, thanks.
    as for DDM i isnt something i know alot about as yet, so i will start doing my research now, but it sounds like a potential opertunity i would be stupid not to persue, so thanks for that one also.

    one more question, does anyone know how to adjust the trigger on a cz 455?
    i bought my self one in .17hmr over and r&r and it is a cracking little tool, however i will end up with an abnormaly large index finger if i have to pull that trigger much longer!!

    thanks to all

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    i have x2 pro hunters no probs once i found the right ammo
    got a trigger kit for my cz 452 should be able to get one for yours ,huge improvement ,cheap too fitted it myself
    hope that helps

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    hi thanks,
    still open minded about which .243 to get, i like the action of the pro hunter and the safety catch, decisions decisions!!
    do you know the make of your triger kit for your cz?

    does anyone have any more info on defence deer management? or points of contact?
    as i understand it they will sponser serving personel through dsc 1, but i wonder wether it would be quicker and less hastle to do it as normal with basc?
    any feed back would be greatley appreciated,

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    yes managed to find it >eric brooks trigger tuning parts for cz got it a while back but give him a shot

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    Bruce, welcome to the SD from another West Country stalker. Stay safe in Afghanistan and wish your fellow servicemen all the best from us that support you in the UK.
    As for the rifle-I've had a Sako 75 in .243 for over 10yrs, never had a problem yet, so the 85 should be OK.
    Regards, Pete.

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