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Thread: New ior scope 12-52x56

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    New ior scope 12-52x56

    I have removed this thread as i have had some negative feed back from one of your member.
    I will also remove all the other threads I have started as he dose not like the questions i have been asking, and will withdraw from using this web site if this is the sort of reply i can expect.
    Have many types of rifles and also do the full range of shooting not just target.
    Thanks to the members that have given me a proper answer to my questions

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    Andy The link says to give them a call if you don't see your specific scope listed. They seem to be good scopes, the only thing that struck me is that you could end up with yet another set of rings of a different size (35mm).

    Regards JCS

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    Thanks JCS will give them a try

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