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Thread: Hi help urgently needed neck turning

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    Hi help urgently needed neck turning

    I have removed this thread as i have had some negative feed back from one of your member.
    I will also remove all the other threads I have started as he dose not like the questions i have been asking, and will withdraw from using this web site if this is the sort of reply i can expect.
    Have many types of rifles and also do the full range of shooting not just target.
    Thanks to the members that have given me a proper answer to my questions

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    It's very hard to tell what bushes to get. I got myself a range of bushes from Sinclair Int and what I had to do recently was go down 1 thou on the second pass to get the neck tension I wanted.

    Here is a good article to have a read of:

    and German is writing about his .30-06, so that should help you too.

    Secondly, if you are neck turning, you will need some way to assess how much you have taken off:

    Good luck. JCS
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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDY T View Post
    Hi help urgently needed

    I have just go a new 308w barrel and it has a ,336mm chambered neck.
    What would you recommend i turn the new cases walls down to.

    What size bushing would you recommend to use with newly turned brass.

    Also should i always stay with that bush or go smaller as the brass get used.

    For got to say will be using Lapua brass
    A what sized neck?? .336 inches? You should be OK with brass that has a .012" wall thickness. Is this a target rifle??~Muir

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