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Thread: For sale Unique Alpine TPG 1 in 6mmbr 1/8 and 308 1\10 twist

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    For sale Unique Alpine TPG 1 in 6mmbr 1/8 and 308 1\10 twist

    I have removed this thread as i have had some negative feed back from one of your member.
    I will also remove all the other threads I have started as he dose not like the questions i have been asking, and will withdraw from using this web site if this is the sort of reply i can expect.
    Have many types of rifles and also do the full range of shooting not just target.
    Thanks to the members that have given me a proper answer to my questions

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    There will always be one, even if that is on a forum or in a gun shop.

    I wouldnt let one person affect how you feel life is to short for that!

    However if that is how you feel that is your choice but i would be inclined to think what a idiot never mind there is allways one.

    Not everyone causes problems and there will allways be a minority no matter who or where you are.

    I hope that you dont leave what ever has gone on and remember not everyone is the same.


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    Andy it looks to me like you are not made of the correct stuff for deer stalking. The Animals we stalk have tough skin (buck skin etc) But you are just a softy might be better going else were if your of that mind set. You will get reply,s you dont like, my answer to that is grow a set of BALLS and stand up to pee for a change.
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    You may be right i have think skin he probably just caught me at the wrong time. Ive had bad few day and i probably over reacted.
    That a side i am a member of some other shooting sites, and it just pisses me off when your get replies from some people and its always the same people time and time again that have nothing better to do in there lives than to pick apart your thread weather its a dislike for the thread that has been posted or a dislike from someones reply to the thread or even feel that picking up on some ones grammar and then posting a thread telling them they spelled some incorrect.
    As i have said these type off people think they own the sites and think they have the right to alway put people down in one way or anther as they think they are always right and everyone else i wrong.
    These people in experience often don't know what the hell they are taking about, they have done it seen it or know someone thats done it.
    This is to all those people who think they know best and they know who they are. (get a life, keep your mouth shut if don't have anything good to say then don't say anything).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ANDY T View Post
    if don't have anything good to say then don't say anything.


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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    I`m afraid when i die the wife will sell my gear for the price i told her

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    Hear Hear ANDY T dont let them get to ya mate as you know youll always get atleast 1 that has nothing better to do

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