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Thread: Diseased lungs on young Roe.

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    Diseased lungs on young Roe.

    Shot young Roe doe during last week of season which was without its mother. No very heavy, no body fat, a poor 20lbs clean wt, i took another yearling doe in an area about half mile away not long after and this wt 32lbs clean, on inspecting the pluck found large hard white lumps on both lungs which ive not seen before on a Roe and i have taken quite a few Roe over the years. Would be interested to hear any suggestions to what it might have been.

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    Was the lumph gland affected at all ? Were there any unusual marks on the rib cage ?

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    As k333roe has asked were the lymph glands swollen particularly retropharangyl and mesenteric/ did you notice anything unusual elsewhere in the animal? i would put my neck on the line and say that it could possibly be TB (one of the symtoms) are you in an area affected by bovine TB ? Only laboratory testing can tell for sure though.

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    If the lumps are hard and like a baked bean size and chalky likely to be T.B usually accompanied by blisters on the rib cage but not always.
    Notify State Vet its suspect anyhow.

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    Wallace the boys are correct and that should have been checked dont tell us you ate it.

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    Cough!, cough!, cough!...... What!........... Pass the napkins please!
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    Thanks for your thoughts guys. No it did not have any signs of blistering around the rib cage and nothing out of the ordinary found on lymph glands. My guess was this animal was orphaned and was in poor condition hence the reason it was culled. I did not eat or put the animal in the food chain which i should have mentioned in my original post. I disposed of the carcase myself (buried it). How common is TB symtoms in Roe?

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    TB lesions in deer are rarely hard, they tend to be soft abscesses with little calcification unlike those seen with TB in cattle. Without photo it is difficult to say what lumps were, though if LNs were clear unlikely TB. If hard then likely some fibrosis from infection or possibly tumours.

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