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Thread: If you miss a deer?

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    If you miss a deer?

    I was unsure which section to post this under so I thought here would be appropriate.

    If you are out stalking and you clean miss a roe,(definately missed and not clipped ect) will he stay in the same area or clear off? I know they are territorial animals so I thought they may hang around. The other question was that there were a couple of more roe 2-300 yards away at the same time. Will they also clear off or will they be fine as they weren't directly shot at,(i.e still hang about?).

    And no it wasn't me that missed

    Appreciate the input as I am still learning a lot with my stalking with each outing

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    Depends on the deer, I mean has it been shot at before, and is he in a very quiet area. Most will forget your shot in a short time, I've even shot a buck with another grazing near by and it just looked at the dead buck for a second and carried on grazing. So it depends on the situation at the time. Does seem to be "hefted" to the area they live in, however some bucks are just passing through or have been moved from another area.

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    Depends on how much of a fright it's had if its not really realised whats gone on it may just run and and return to graze very soon after or if its been well spooked could be a couple of days before it returns,i missed one the other night nothing to be ashamed of don't have to pretend it was a mate.

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    If it's a complete miss it's highly unlikely to cause the deer to leave the area. I missed a young doe last month, bullet went clean underneath I shot the same doe a couple of days later in the same field within 50mtrs of the first miss. The mother hung around for ages before I scared it off in order to deal with the shot doe.
    The same group of deer were there when I delivered some lovely loin steaks to the farmer a week later. Unfortunately the group were eying up the farmers veg. patch about 40yds from his back door
    May pay them a visit this evening.

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    If it was a complete miss I should'nt worry about it, only spooked I reckon you'll get another shot at it.

    All the best Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    as others have said it shouldnt make much of a difference . Last year I clean missed a buck. The following morning he was 250 yards away from where I missed him fraying some young trees, I didnt miss the second time

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    i missed a roe buck this morning at 65yds

    i shot the first buck in the neck at around 70-75 yds the while the youngster was watching his mate twitching on the floor i loosed off the second round and it never touched him ! (neck shot again)

    it happens to us all eventually .

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    At this time of year the chances are you wont see it again not because of your shot but the next to weeks or so the roe deer go through a real termoil and every thing changes. So dont think that the shot was the cause just natures way. Unless he was a real big buck who is already holding territory.

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    Thanks for all the replies! I'll keep my fingers crossed but if you never missed it would be boring anyway!

    And for the record it wasn't me that missed

    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    the next to weeks or so the roe deer go through a real termoil and every thing changes
    Thanks for the reply. Could you explain that a bit more? What happens around April/may that causes them turmoil? I know they rut here about august but that's ages away!


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    Whaen there is the first real flush of growth on the ground the bucks start to mark out there territory they activly push out other young bucks and does that they dont want in there area. This gose on until all settles down and calm comes back to the woods. .

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