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Thread: The Ultimate .243 Rifle

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    The Ultimate .243 Rifle


    I am thinking of dropping some serious cash on a full custom rifle and wondered if anyone has much experience with a .243 like the one i want.

    Basically it will be a custom action from either Surgeon or another similar action with a semi bull barrel that is heavier than a sporter but also fluted to take weight off to try and get the best of both.

    Carbon fiber stock from Manners in the US to keep it light

    most likely will get a 1 in 9 custom barrel to shoot 55-60gr VMAX for fox and then the option of deer at the 100gr level, these also shoot the 105gr AMAX target ammo very well for shooting at the range for some target work on the odd occasion.

    This will be the ultimate do it all rifle but im not sure who will build it yet..

    UK gun smiths are local but i have yet to see one as well equipped as the US custom shops, also prices in the UK for the US parts seem way higher than what i can buy from the US which more than covers the $400 import licence fee.

    They also have better options for cerakote type coverings where we are still behind the curve a little bit here.

    But this is all theoretical at the moment so can anyone spot any problems with my desired combination of wishes above?


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    It may be worth your while contacting Dennisgrm on this site. He built my rifle and currently has some actions including BAT. He is based in Dumfries area so not too far away from you.

    I shot with a .243AI built by him on a blueprinted Remington Action. 1 in 8 twist Border Barrels barrel, McMillan stock pillar bedded, Jewell trigger. The best results I had were with 85grn Sierra HPBT. They really were a do-it-all bullet. Better in the wind than a 55 or 60grn, barely noticeable difference in the drop and superb performance on roe and foxes.

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    Yes i was reading that these 87gr bullets seem to be wonder bullets in the .243 for just about everything. i think im going to do the rounds on the gunsmiths and see who says what. When your dropping this kind of cash you want the best

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    I would suggest a 1:8 twist for your project. That's what Border Barrels put on the Sako 75 in my gallery.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post

    I would suggest a 1:8 twist for your project.

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    Im used to putting 40 and 50 gr bullets down my .223 sako 85 so im not to sure about moving up to 85gr as standard for fox.

    Do you guys notice any difference shooting these heavier bullets such as recoil or muzzle blast or general noise vs what im using now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornady View Post

    They also have better options for cerakote type coverings where we are still behind the curve a little bit here.

    Contact my mate James from “Jager SA” off here, he is the official UK distributor of Du-coat and cerakote he has been to the manufactures in the USA so he really knows what he is doing with the stuff, I think he might have a special offer on for SD members on coatings.

    Not sure if I would try and have one rifle to do it all, a range queen might be a bit heavy for stalking and visa-versa. JMO.



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    A friend of mine has a custom .243, built on an RPA action with Pac-Nor Heavy fluted stainless barrel bedded into a macmillan thumbhole stock, its an absolute tack driver, my only dislike is its only single shot


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    I'd have as long a barrel as possible and chamber it in AI. Perhaps heavy stock might be better- macmillan???

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    its mostly going to be a fox rifle with some target for fun and maybe deer when it comes up. with this in mind my sako 85 is pretty heavy due to bipod and JETz and laminate stock.

    my thinking was a 22 or 24 inch semi bull barrel fluted and a light moderator like roedale and light stock for carry, i shoot off bipod so heavy doesnt matter since i have 2 Gen 3 night vision monos one for spotting and one for shooting.

    overall be similar weight to my sako 85 but pack a bigger punch!

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