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Thread: BDS targets for level 1

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    BDS targets for level 1

    Are these available as a download ? I know that the BDS sell them at 30p a pop but is it allowable under copyright to scan & email me a copy ?
    Any help appreciated Please

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    I have the target you can pin on a roe silhoette on an a4 sheet i can scan in if you want its not copy write .

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    any 4" circle will do!!..i should imagine

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    If you google 'free targets' you'll find sites like this one which have loads!
    Just pick a circular one with 1" rings. Seemples!

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    The target i have is for the roe target not the 4 inch one it is ment to be invisable to the shooter and therefore they need to shoot a kill zone not a target

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    The targets 6pointer refer to are the kill zone targets for this siluette. I looked at it closely. Is the deer facing you or looking away? May buy one to jigsaw a plyboard outline.

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    The original BDS Roebuck target was a copy of the German DJV [ Deutsher Jager Verband.] and used by the Ministry of Defence stalkers and had the reference below printed on their targets.
    Subsequently the BDS printed their own identical targets which said British Deer Society but with NO mention of the foregoing.
    If you send me a stamped addressed envelope I will send you a buck-target insert and a 4" grouping target. PM me for my postal details.

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    Dmq website has the circle target to download

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