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Thread: Peas and Roe

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    Peas and Roe

    Has anyone had any experience of Roe feeding on pea and bean plants, ive had some sown next to some good woodland but it would require high seats to cover them.

    At the moment the new growth inside the woods is keeping them happy but im thinking the fresh pea and beans may tempt them out.

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    they luv laying up in them when the beans get a bit taller, a bugger to walk and stalk through but you do get a lot closer to the deer before you bump them and a good place to look for a buck or too when approaching the rut

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    In my limited experiance yes they like them and as stone says they seem to spend an awful lot of time in them , Use a high seat get it in place now but it depends on what the farmer intends to do with the crop as to weather it will make it until the rut.

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