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Thread: Meopta Artemis or Zeiss Duralyt

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    Meopta Artemis or Zeiss Duralyt

    Found a shop with both in 3-12 mag

    Which is the better scope do you think?

    And is there any real reason to get the 56mm objective (other than the fact i can get a good deal and cheaper than the 50mm). I have a 50 mm scope at the moment and might have to get new rings as a result


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    Of the two, I'd go Zeiss if money is not an issue. 56mm ought to collect a bit more light in the gloaming - but if you're into new rings that may balance your cost equation a bit.
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    I sold my Zeiss Duralyt 3-12 and replaced it with a Meopta Meostar R1r 3-12x56 which I then changed to an S&B 2.5-10x56.
    I still have the meopta and wouldnt hesitate to swap back to it if I didnt like the SnB. I just didnt like the Zeiss, cant put my finger on why really other than I thought the meopta optics are actually better than the Zeiss and I liked the illuminated reticle.
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    Both good scopes ,currently own the Zeiss and a meopta 4-16 x44 tactical .
    You wont go wrong with either , nothing to choose between them.


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    I have a Meopta 3-12x56 on my .243 and it's a very good scope, nice and clear, bright. Doesn't sit too high on my rifle. Took me a while to get used to the reticle changing size as you zoom up and down but I think I actually prefer the FFP now. I recently bought a Duralyt and I think the Zeiss just has the edge but there isn't a lot in it. ATB Gareth.

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    How about if the 3-12x50 was the ZD tactic model with the illuminated reticle?

    Has anyone used the illuminated dot from Meopta? I like the Nightforce one but is the Meopta one any good?

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    Hi Dan

    I have the 2100 illuminated 7x50 and find it great . 7 brightness settings but would probably never need more than number three. Good glass.

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