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Thread: Found an old friend again .......maybe?

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    Found an old friend again .......maybe?

    Hi All,

    A couple of years ago I came across a very nice Roebuck down a hedgerow on one of my permissions that I had never seen before. I managed to take a couple of pictures in the early dawn light. The Roebuck was a beauty, with some age to it.
    Now despite targeting this roebuck several times, with clients and alone I never ever caught sight of it again.

    Here is that picture

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    This morning I was out early, seeing which bucks were where and trying to decide which animals might make a trophy animal and which animals might be suitable for culls etc.

    I spotted a roebuck walking across a field (next door to the one where I took the picture of the nice Roebuck above) and after spying it through the bino's I realised it was 'better than average' and worth a closer look. I only had binos and camera with me, and after a steady stalk up to the area where he was last seen, he came racing out of the thick hedge about 10 metres in front of me. I had the camera at the ready and managed to take a few pictures

    Now I reckon this COULD be the same buck from a couple of years ago. It has a great left antler but a thinner right antler with a very low brow tine coming off the coronet. It shows some real age with 'ice cream cone' wide based antlers and drooping coronets, and the general antler configuration is similar to the earlier animal. It would be wonderful to think that it was the same animal.

    Here are this mornings pictures

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    dont know mate but they are flipping great pics my bloody heart started going almost got buck fever then

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    Don't know the answer to your question , but they are superb pic's Lakey thanks for sharing them. Df

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    Not the same. On ballance the original seems to have a weaker growth on the same right side but the pedicule seems to be forward on the older beast. If it is the same beast it has gone back a long way. Certainly a cull candidate due to age. He could still hold his own but time to let a good young buck through.

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    Its pictures like them Andy that sometimes get me feeling ive shot enough mate...

    Great pickies bud..

    Will give you a bell bud and see about getting out together..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    THanks for the comments so far. I see that the heads are not exactly the same but it is certainly a coincidence to have two very mature roe bucks in exactly the same area, both with a weakness on the right side, and both showing advanced age? Could the change in the right antler be due to the 'boxing off' and low brow time growing out of the coronet and rising at a steep angle inwards.

    I guess we will probably never know..........

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