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Thread: Cracking morning.

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    Cracking morning.

    Set the alarm for 5.00am and arrived at the planned destination at about 5.40, Im lucky, its only a 10 minute drive to where i was going to this morning. A chance of a fox or a roe buck was on the menu, but i would of loved to of bagged a fox as we had seen a one the week before. My friend who's the keeper on the estate had told me where to go, and get myself up in a high seat at the edge of the wood which overlooks some rough pasture and young willow.
    It was a "cracking morning to be out", perfect conditions. Id been in the seat for about 5mins when out of the corner of my eye a mature buck was chasing a younger buck, they were at full belt, they didnt stop and made off into the thick under growth.
    I kept looking in the same direction in case one of the beasts showed its self, but to no avail.

    Another few minutes had passed then to my surprise a buck and young doe came out from the thick willow, they were heading straight for me, browsing and having the occasional look up as they got ever closer and closer, it was decision time, do i take the buck out of wait for a fox to show itself .I decided to take the buck,and with a shot to the base of the neck it went down, job done. Approx 40 yards out.
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    Gralloch completed i decided to have a wander and spotted a very heavy doe on her own and a young buck and doe together and took a photo of them feeding before heading back to my friends house to give him the good news and no sign of any foxes about.
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    All in all a "cracking morning" to be out stalking.
    ATB John
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    I was out to this morning on a recon mission. Great morning!

    Excellent write-up and great result. That buck is in complete wintercoat still by the look of the photo's.

    Lovely end to the morning.... The fox can wait till your next visit

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    nice buck you got there john,well done!!

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    Nice buck, well done John.

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    Well done John, great photo's too.

    That fox will show next time, I am sure.



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    Not one but two foxs where shot a few days later out of the same area,A large dog fox followed by a vixen that had dropped its cubs,unfortunatley i didnt shoot them,but keeper is very happy.
    ATB John.

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